Grimey’s & The Basement’s 6th Annual Fall Festival!

Yes. That’s right. The time has once again come for Grimey’s and the Basement to hold their fall parking lot sale. That means wonderful things for broke folk like us. There will be dollar CDs and Vinyl (cheaper if you buy a ton of stuff), a sale inside the store, and a free concert rocking you all day.

Also, WRVU will be there with petitions to save their broadcast signal, Radio Free Nashville will have a booth, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of Yazoo Brew and Mitchell’s Deli, Bluegrass Underground, Next Big Nashville, I can’t even list it all, just know that there’s going to be a lot of stuff going on.

Oh yeah, and there will be contests. You can win prize packs for and tickets to see shows by both Yo Gabba Gabba at TPAC and Kim Richey, a personal hometown hero at the Belcourt.

What was that? You want a schedule? Well here you go then:

10:00–store opens and sale begins!
12:00–djb (DJ set)
1:00–DAVEY UKULELE & GAG TIME GANG (David Mead Kids Project)
1:30–DJ SRC (DJ set)
2:30–Brother Dylan (DJ set)
3:30–Molly (Karaoke Blackout)
4:30–D-Funk (DJ set)
5:30–Pimpdaddy Supreme (DJ set)
6:30-8:00–store sale continues

Sounds like a pretty killer way to spend a Saturday. My mom seems to think so, she’s coming down this weekend and we’re going to rock that sale together. Watch out now, we’re going to steal your deals! Hope to see some of you there!



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