Food Inc. Screening: What are you Eating???

Editors note: This blog post was written by Matt Kraatz, a senior at Belmont University and a good friend of N4F.

Yo, so I understand that Food, Inc. is screening tonight for free. Now, admittedly, I’ve only seen the second half and *spoiler alert* corporate greed could care less about quality of output (as long as it’s in volume), or careers in the agricultural sector, or general sustainability. And they definitely don’t care about baby seals *end spoiler alert*. And that’s only the half of it. Basically it’s like Wall Street 2 (lol, unpaid reference). Though I can’t imagine myself being impressed by Shia LaBeouf after that really awkward Tom Hanks impersonation in Indiana Jones…

But seriously, the screening is sponsored by Re/Storing Nashville, which has brought to light critical food accessibility issues right under our noses and are taking great leaps to eliminate “food deserts” from Nashville’s vocabulary. Tonight is an opportunity to get informed, and to get involved, in the root cause of several issues plaguing America (food = health).

You ever see that episode of This American Life where they talk about artificial insemination at hog farms and it turns out that just about every pig is some sort of half-sibling with one another because the controller orders semen out of a catalog? That’s wild stuff, and there’s a good chance you eat that crap. But anyway, check it, Food, Inc. is screening tonight at Bethlehem Centers of Nashville off Charlotte; the lights dim at 5pm.