International Lens Film Series: Ingeborg Holm

I would imagine that it isn’t exactly easy to convince people to sit through a silent film, much less a Swedish one from 1913. I think it goes without saying that if you enjoyed Transformers 2 you probably want to skip this one.

But if the history of cinema interests you then this might be something worth checking out. This social drama has often been called the “first realistic feature film” and, according to Wikipedia, caused debate about social security and poorhouse laws in Sweden.

It’s a film about a woman who, after her husband dies, has to take an extremely low-paying job in a poorhouse and is forced to put her children up for adoption. She later loses her sanity when one of her daughters doesn’t recognize her. According to the event description, “For its age, the film shows remarkable sophistication and depth of characterization, as well as skillful photography and editing before these aspects of cinematography were more advanced and developed. Any rawness in style only heightens the gripping and heart-rending drama in this historical and cinematic classic.”

This film will be shown tonight, September 15th at 7pm at the Sarratt Cinema on Vanderbilt’s campus.


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