Ending the Summer at the Drive-In

There’s no denying it. The summer is over. Everyone is getting back to school and the temperatures outside are getting downright manageable.

But the most telling thing of all: this Saturday marked the last Second Saturday Outdoor Cinema at the Belcourt of the season.

My comrade and I rolled into the Belcourt parking lot around 7:15 on Saturday night. The sky was already pretty dark and most of the prime real estate had already been taken, but we plopped ourselves down in the front row and stocked up on supplies (lemonade and Junior Mints). It was going to be a good show.

It wasn’t long before the entertainment started. As always the Belcourt picked a mix of old commercials and movie trailers. They were, of course, hilarious, but after 30 minutes of it I was pretty ready for the show to start. After 45 minutes my friend and I wondered if we were actually going to get to see some Medieval hilarity unfold before us.

Finally, after almost an hour (I think, I wasn’t actually counting) the film started. Sadly, the film wasn’t in the best shape so we couldn’t read the awesome subtitles at the beginning, but I pretty much knew what they said anyway, so it didn’t really matter. Other than that the picture quality didn’t make any difference in my ability to enjoy the movie. I was just pumped to be seeing it for free.

As always, I had a wonderful time at the Belcourt’s drive-ins this summer. Other than the fact that the concrete isn’t the best to sit on and I’m far too cheap to buy a more comfortable chair they’re a great, cheap night out and I have incredible respect for the Belcourt for putting these on. They’re not free, or cheap for that matter, so I hope that if you went and were able you donated a few dollars.

So I bid you adieu, summertime. Until next year.



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