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Westbound Rangers

You might remember a few weeks ago I wrote about the very first Musicians Corner in Centennial Park. Despite the rain and the whole event getting called before the Dynamites could perform I thought it was a really cool event that had a lot of room for growth.

I’ve given it a few weeks, and now that things are cooling off and the lineup includes the Westbound Rangers and, once again, Charles Walker and The Dynamites, I’m going to check out the event again, and I’m freaking excited.

One of my main complaints was that Musicians Corner doesn’t like to give out the exact lineup and times. That would be fine if I was interested in staying the whole time, but my schedule honestly doesn’t allow for that, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Saturday is when I get a lot of work done, and when I go out for some free music I want to make sure I get there in time to see who I really want to see. But finally, after some whining, I have the lineup. The bands will perform in this order:

  • Keenan Hunter
  • Alli Rogers
  • West Bound Rangers
  • Courtney Jaye
  • Charles Walker & the Dynamites

    Dang, that’s one fine looking lineup! To make things even more appealing, the weather looks like it’s going to be mighty fine. Hopefully I’ll actually get to see the Dynamites, who have eluded me for 3 years. I have no idea how I haven’t seen them yet. No clue.

    So come out and enjoy the weather and some good tunes with me. I’ll get my dance on if you do. It’ll be today, Saturday August 28th from 3-6pm in Centennial Park.



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