Magic Kids In-Store at Grimey’s

Let me introduce you to Magic Kids. They’re from Memphis, they named their album, which came out this past Tuesday Memphis, and they’re poppy soda-shop bliss.

If you were at the Girls show at Exit/In this past winter you probably saw Magic Kids and either thought “what the hell?” or “THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!” I was at the Girls show and, though I was a little confused, thought they put on a pretty solid set.

It’s remarkably hard to find any background on this band, but I can tell you that it features members of The Barbaras and Girls of the Gravitron. I can also tell you that they’re just one of the many critically acclaimed bands on True Panther Sounds, the label that brought us Girls, Delorean, Glasser, and a bunch of other bands that I’ve fallen in love with over the past year. I also know that their taste in clothes is questionable and that their pop hooks are undeniably catchy.

Yeah, you know what, Magic Kids are a little difficult to describe. You should probably just go see them.

This will be the only show they’re playing in Nashville, so don’t miss it. The in-store will be at Grimey’s on Monday, August 30th at 6pm. See you there!



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