Rock Away the Blues at the Loveless Barn

We love the Loveless Cafe for a lot of reasons, but mostly for their food. The way those biscuits…oh and that jam. I could talk about that food for far too long.

No, no, no, the Loveless Cafe is NOT giving away free food. Sorry if I got your hopes up. Though some free fried chicken would be absolutely fantastic, this event will actually benefit the community (not that free chicken wouldn’t).

Rock Away the Blues is an event that wants to help families in Nashville that were affected by the flood, mostly the children. from 4-6pm this Thursday, July 29th, every child in attendance will receive a backpack filled with school supplies and a new toy from Leap Frog. Oh, and everyone, children and adults will get some free food and froyo from Freshii.

Whoa. That's a big man.

In addition to giveaways for children there will be some celebrities of varying degrees in attendance. Remember when they brought back American Gladiators? Well, Justice Smith and The Wolf will be there! Those are some big dudes, I don’t want to mess around with them. I’m sure they’ll do autographs and pose for pictures. I doubt they’ll cause anyone physical harm.

Then there’s Starship. Nashville flood benefits just can’t get away from them. First the Mercy Lounge hosts Rebuild This City (On Rock and Roll) and now the actually BAND Starship starring Mickey Thomas will be performing at Rock Away the Blues. Yes, you’ll finally get to hear “We Built this City on Rock and Roll” live. Yes, you will. Also, some local artists will be performing too.


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