Lost and Found in America

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I am in love with stories about good people. A good episode of This American Life warms my heart like nothing else. I was raised to be cautious of strangers, rightfully so, but sometimes a complete stranger, or group of strangers, can make a significant and positive change in your life.

Lost and Found in America defines themselves as “a non-profit organization focused on documenting positive, humanitarian stories on film.”

The group is currently on tour, screening Lost in Woonsocket across America. Lost in Woonsocket is about two drug addicts living in the woods who are given a second chance at life by a film crew of random philanthropists. The official message behind it is that one person can make a difference and that there is hope for the hopeless. Both of those sentiments are cliches, but I think that there’s a good chance that the film is well done, and it’s sure to make you feel good inside.

This film will be screening this Thursday, July 29th at Renaissance Hotel at 611 Commerce Street at 9pm.

Here’s the trailer to the film. Maybe it will pique your interest:



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