Films at the Frist Presents Stage Fright

Alfred Hitchcock. The man knew how to scare people. He got inside our heads and made us terrified of the things that were just off the screen. It was all about psychology, the idea that the monster you create is sure to freak out you more than anything another person could spring upon you.

Alfred Hitchcock directed 66 full-feature films and shorts, including Psycho, The Birds, North by Northwest, Vertigo, Dial “M” for Murder, and Rear Window.

The 1950 crime thriller Stage Fright might be best known for two things: a lying flashback and Christian Dior. That’s right, Christian Dior. Marlene Dietrich, the star of the film, refused to wear anything other than genuine Dior during filming. She wasn’t about to let herself be seen on film in anything less than glamorous couture.

That brings me to why this film was chosen by the Frist. As you may remember, right now the Frist has an exhibit called the Golden Age of Couture, and Marlene Dietrich’s wardrobe is a great example of what couture looked like in real life, how it moved on a person rather than how it sits on a mannequin.

As for the film’s plot, here’s what NetFlix says:

Alfred Hitchcock takes Selwyn Jepson’s novel, preserves all the thrills from the page and adds a dash of his own. Eve Gil (Jane Wyman), a drama student studying in London, learns that a friend, John Cooper (Richard Todd), has been implicated in the death of the husband of his lover, actress Charlotte Inwood (Marlene Dietrich). John has a plan to prove himself innocent, but needs Eve’s help, not to mention her talent. Can they pull it off?

Free movies make for a great night out. This should be good. This event will take place at the Frist on Friday July 9th at at 7pm.



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