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Holly House Hosts Rock the Block at Exit/In

22 Jun

If you’re looking for a great free rock show tonight then look no further. Holly House is hosting this week’s Rock the Block at Exit/In, and they have a really fun lineup.

Holly House is a musical collective of a few bands in the Nashville area. They play shows together, jam on each others’ albums, basically they’re a group of great musicians who get together with their friends and make great music. Real community rock.

Tonight at Exit/In you’ll get to see Caitlin RoseAnd the RelativesShoot the Mountain, and Hannah Barbarians (best band name ever). Basically it’s the entirety of Holly House’s main bands minus Tristen.

Even if you haven’t heard of Holly House, I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one of those bands, probably Caitlin Rose, who won 8 off 8th’s Road to Bonnaroo one night and got to play a show at ‘Roo. That means she has a lot of fans who like to go to free shows. Maybe you should become one of them.

Like I said, the event is tonight at Exit/In. It should get started at 8pm.

Stones in Exile Screening at the Belcourt

21 Jun

I don’t know what the circumstances would have to be for a person to honestly say that he or she has never heard of the Rolling Stones. I mean, unless you grew up in a developing nation you’re probably familiar with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Hell, if you’ve seen Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean you at least have SOME idea of Keith Richards.

But I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that The Rolling Stones are an incredibly famous and influential band. Many regard their 1972 release Exile on Main Street to be one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded. The Stones may disagree, but there’s no denying the influence of this album.

Stones in Exile is a new documentary about the creation and impact of that album. If I know anything about the Rolling Stones there will be a lot about drug use and a lot of good music.

This is a must-see for any hard core Stones fans. And, tonight, Monday June 21st you’ll be able to see it at the Belcourt. For free. The doors open at 9:30 and it’s first-come, first-serve, so if you REALLY have to go then I suggest getting there a little early. The film will start at 10pm.

Here’s the trailer:

We Have a Winner!

21 Jun

The Proud Winner

I’d like to thank everyone who entered the Band of Horses ticket giveaway. I feel like everyone deserved to win (Band of Horses is really important to a lot of people), but there could only be one winner, and her name is Lauren W.

Obviously, the extra points that she got by sending me a picture of herself dressed as a horse really helped her out, and not just because it made everyone at the N4F headquarters laugh. She got entered into the contest five more times than she would have had she just left a comment.

There were actually quite a few people who sent us pictures and videos of My Little Ponies and other horse related things. One dude even had a video where he rode his dog around like a horse (no dogs were harmed in the making if it, I assume).

Again, I have to thank AEG/The Messina Group for being completely awesome.

Here are a few of the other pics.

Amber, N4F loves you too.

Singing My Little Pony?

A story of poverty

Weekly Highlights – June 21-27

20 Jun


Rock’n’Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge – 6:30pm, 21+
What, you think you know more rock minutia than I do? Well, you’re probably right, but if you really want a challenge then you should hit up this event. It consists of three rounds of questions, two rounds of “name that tune,” and the rock and roll-est of final wagers where you can bet (and possibly lose) it all. The prizes are $50, $25 or $10 to be spent at Mercy Lounge. Plus, everyone gets free parking and beer specials all night. It’s about teams, so grab some friends, yo.

8 off 8th: Brandon Jazz’s Birthday Bash at the Mercy Lounge – 9pm, 21+
This week’s 8 off 8th is a tribute to the year 1986, which is when one of Nashville’s most visible residents, Brandon Jazz, was born. You might know him from the Mercy Lounge, you might know him from Armed Forces, or you might not know him at all. Either way, it’s okay, and you’re still invited. Performers include
Loose Cougar, Majestico, Zut Alors, Armed Forces, Cheer Up Charlie Daniels, Bravo Max, Sarah Silva, and Sage Galesi.

Summer Solstice Picnic Mixer at Centennial Park – 6-8pm
Summer is finally upon us and Team Green Adventures is ready to kick it off in a true summer atmosphere: grilling, volleyball, lawn games (flag football), and mingling with fellow members, participants, partners and sponsors. Register for great summertime giveaways, test drive a Jim Reed Subaru through Centennial Park, and play a pick up game of volleyball (or two). Team Green Adventures, Nashville Hiking Meetup, and Nashville Junior Chamber will provide the grills, charcoal, soda, cups and plates, so you just need to bring your own food to grill, family, friends, frisbee, or favorite lawn game.

Stones in Exile Screening at the Belcourt – doors at 9:30, show at 10pm
In the spring of 1971 the Rolling Stones departed the UK to take up residence in France as tax exiles. Keith Richards settled at a villa called Nellcôte in Villefranche-sur-Mer and this became the venue for the recording of much of the band’s masterpiece “Exile On Main Street”. Stones in Exile tells the story in the band’s own words and through extensive archive footage of their time away from England and the creation of this extraordinary double album, which many regard as the Rolling Stones’ finest achievement.


Spanish Poetry Reading / Nuestras Poesias at Scarritt-Bennett Center

19 Jun

José Martí

There’s something special about hearing poetry in a language other than English. I mean, I speak English all the time and to be honest, sometimes I just get sick of it. Compared to other languages, it’s really flat, that’s a fact.

I’m not saying that magic can’t be done with English, of course it can, but I get really excited when I hear about events like this, a Spanish poetry reading. After being surrounded by one language all day, a new one breathes life into the art of communication. It sounds beautiful, mysterious, and fresh.

According to the event description, you’ll get to hear works by Cuban poet José Martí, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges, Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni.

I’m most familiar with José Martí, and my guess is that most of you probably are as well. I mean, this is the guy who wrote “Guantanamera” (just the poem, the melody was added after his death) and “I Cultivated a White Rose.” The first is a pretty standard folk sing-along, the second is common in literature classes.

Back to the event,  its poetry readers include individuals with a variety of connections to Latin American countries, and who have extensive knowledge of the featured poets. It will be held in the Scarrett Bennett Center tonight, Saturday June 19th, at 7pm. It sounds like a really cool event, check it out.


It's Hot.

18 Jun

I find myself wishing that I was still in last winter. It is way too hot for this displaced yankee.

What are you guys doing to stay cool? I just took a cold shower and have turned my ceiling fan on high, which is really intense.

Woo comments!

By the way, that’s a picture of my dog, Coco.


It’s Hot.

18 Jun

I find myself wishing that I was still in last winter. It is way too hot for this displaced yankee.

What are you guys doing to stay cool? I just took a cold shower and have turned my ceiling fan on high, which is really intense.

Woo comments!

By the way, that’s a picture of my dog, Coco.


Personal DNA Testing: Science Cafe

17 Jun

She's testing her DNA

On the third Thursday of every month regular people get together at Fido and discuss a hot topic in science with a professional. It’s called Science Cafe, and this month’s topic is Personal DNA Testing.

DNA testing in general is a pretty new thing, but now it’s getting to the point where people can go and get their DNA tested. DNA can tell you a lot of things about your health and ancestory, but it’s still an issue that a lot of people disagree over. Would you want to know if you’re going to have an untreatable disease? Does it matter if you’re .02% American Indian?

Like I said, it’s not a lecture, so come ready to discuss.

This week’s professional on the subject is Kylee Spencer, Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University’s Center for Human Genetics Research. Science Cafe is presented by the Adventure Science Center.

The event is tonight, Thursday June 17th at Fido and will begin at 7pm.


Musical Petting Zoo at the Main Public Library

16 Jun

Note: None of these instruments will actually be at the musical petting zoo

If the question “oh crap, what am I going to do with my kids this summer?” has popped into your head in the past few weeks I’d like to let you know that you are by no means alone.

The babysitting service known as school is out of session, so you’re likely to have the young ones around a lot more often than usual. If you’re like most parents who don’t want their kids to sit on the couch all summer playing video games and watching cartoons you might be looking for some other activity to involve them in. I mean, it’s too hot to play outside all day, and how many storytimes can you go to?

Well, here’s an idea: the musical petting zoo.

Yeah, the name is a little silly, but it’s a pretty good representation of what it is. Just like a normal petting zoo, which allows kids to get a hands-on idea of different animals, the musical petting zoo is a way for children to physically experience music. Your young’ns will get to strum guitars, pick at banjos, and play autoharps (with a professional nearby to help them out)! Who knows, they might even love it so much that they’ll beg you to let them get a ukulele or something. At the very least they’ll be learning something and will be getting their fair share of entertainment for the day, and you’ll feel like the awesome parent you are.

In other words, everyone wins!

The next musical petting zoo is tomorrow, Thursday June 17th at 10:30am.


Devo Release Party at Grimey's

15 Jun

Devo is just one of those bands.

A bunch of crazy Ohioans decided to get weird and make great music, and they got some insane fans in the process. Hell, they even had a hit song that got turned into a Pringles commercial!

Most people probably only know Devo from their weird hats and for the song “Whip It,” but except for a 5 year hiatus in the 90s, they’ve been consistently putting out music since 1973. They’re true rock legends, and their new album Something for Everybody comes out today.

This is, without a doubt, cause for celebration, and Grimey’s is more than happy to host such a party.

Grimey’s has a lot of release parties, and they’re always fun, but this one sounds freaking epic. They’ll be spinning the new album, giving away copies of the entire Devo catalog, AND there will be jello shots AND free CAKE! Not just only cake, a DEVO DOME cake!

Now that’s what I call a party. It’s at 6pm tonight, Tuesday June 15th, at Grimey’s.