Marah In-Store at Grimey’s

28 Jun

Rock fans, rejoice!

There have been a lot of “new Springsteen” bands popping up over the last few years. The Hold Steady, Titus Andronicus, The National, and Marah.

Of all those bands Marah is probably the least famous, but that says nothing about the quality of their music and live shows. If you like Springsteen inspired rock then you’ll like them. I don’t know anything about them playing live, but I can’t imagine them sucking or being boring with music like theirs.

Marah is here to make your Monday a little less awful. Let them. They’ll be at Grimey’s tonight, Monday June 28th at 6pm. Oh yeah, there will probably be free beer, because Grimey’s is always about the free beer.


  • cheapassmichelle

    Maybe least famous to “hipsters”, but I remember them being pretty big when they used to play Ohio. Maybe it’s a regional thing…or a 5 years ago thing.

  • Emily

    Yeah, I think it’s a 5 years ago thing. A few years ago they were way bigger than Titus Andronicus (did they exist 5 years ago?) but I feel like they just didn’t keep their momentum going.

  • cheapassmichelle

    No, they didn’t. And yeah, I remember. I just think they have a completely different fanbase than the rest of those bands. Which is good.

  • Emily

    Yeah, I’m always surprised that a lot of those bands don’t have the same fans. I feel like if anything Marah probably shares a good deal of THS fans.