Movies in the Park: The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock has been getting a lot of press lately, mostly for her husband cheating on her with a neo nazi, which is a shame. Well, it’s a shame in several ways. Obviously it’s terrible that Jesse James has an Adolf fetish, but what I mean is that it took away a lot of the great press she was getting after she won her Oscar.

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked when she won for Best Actress in The Blind Side. I just didn’t think that someone who starred in movies like Speed 2 and Practical Magic would be the type who would ever win such a high award. Is Sandra Bullock actually a really good actress? Did I just never notice it before?

So, I decided to see for myself, and I thought that she was great, and I really liked the movie too. I’m not a big fan of sports movies that aren’t A League of Their Own, but I didn’t feel like this was a sports movie so much as it was a character movie, the main character just happens to be really good at football. Yes, there are sports, but it doesn’t overwhelm the film. Basically, it’s balanced enough so that it will appeal to almost everybody who watches it.

The Blind Side will be playing as part of Movies in the Park tonight in Centennial Park. Films start when it gets dark, so probably around 8. Get there early if you want a good spot. They’ll have activities and such.

Also, isn’t Sandra Bullock in Nashville right now? Or at least, wasn’t she last night? Just wondering….



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