Win a Pair of Band of Horses Tickets!

That dog is HUGE!

Remember last month when our good friends at AEG/The Messina Group sponsored our Imogen Heap ticket give-away? Well, they thought that you all might appreciate another go at some free tickets. This time around it’s for internationally acclaimed rock n’ rollers, Band of Horses.

The Seattle based band will be playing at the War Memorial Auditorium on July 12th in support of their new record, Infinite Arms.

We’ve been to the War Memorial a few times, and we think it’s a really cool venue…and hey, the band’s not bad either. Actually, they’re really good. If you like Fleet Foxes, The National, Bon Iver, or My Morning Jacket then you have a pretty good chance of liking these guys as well.

Last time we had a contest we asked you guys to create something about “free.” We got a few good entries, but I learned my lesson and this time we’re not asking you to do anything creative. Instead, we’ve got an extra easy 2 step plan. Be sure to follow every step carefully, or else we wont count you in on this awesomeness.

  • Step 1: Click the following link, and “Like” the AEG Live/The Messina Group page on Facebook.
  • Step 2: Come on back to ‘ol Leave us a comment on THIS blog post telling us how much you love Band of Horses and why you deserve the tickets (and your name). Be sure you give us a valid email address because, well, that’s how we’re going to know how to contact you.

We’ll pick a winner on Monday, June 21st, so be sure to enter before then.

But that’s not all! Sure, leaving one little comment will get you entered into the contest, but only once. If you want to increase your chances of winning, we’ll enter you 5 times if you follow this step.

  • Step 3 (BONUS POINTS!): Email us a picture of yourself dressed up as a horse while holding up a piece of paper or a sign that says N4F so we know you didn’t just grab a picture of a dude dressed up as a horse on the internet. We know your tricks.

Disclaimer: We may also accept pictures of you dressed up as a serious cowboy, which means more than just a hat, and we’ll consider pictures of your old My Little Pony dolls arranged to look like they’ve started a band. Get creative, but please, for the love of all that is good, do NOT write any poetry. We want horse people, damnit.

Email those pictures to nashvilleforfree at gmail dot com to get entered into the contest FIVE TIMES! Worth it? Totally.

Then, if you win and show up to the show dressed like you were in your picture we’ll buy you a drink or something. You will have earned it.

Good luck!


The N4F Crew


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Emily (Founder/Editor in Chief) : Emily is a graduate from Belmont University, where she majored in Music Business. She’s originally from rural Ohio, where there are many cows, a river, and one vineyard. Though she moved to Seattle in 2015, Emily maintains a love of both Nashville and free things, and is actively looking for contributors for If you're interested, reach out to her at

  • I would love to win the pair of free tickets to Band of Horses. Doesn’t being the first comment show my dedication? (I hope I post this before someone else does or it will totally make me look like an ass.) And yes, you can garauntee that I will be dressing up like a horse. But seriously, I think I deserve these tickets because I’ve missed out on all the amazing music shows that have graced Nashville thus far! Examples: Imogene Heap, Bonnaroo (which is just shameful), yeah. Tickets puh-leeze!

  • Megan McNair

    Oh, why do I love Band of Horses?! That is a silly question. The Southern band is incredible and hauntingly interwoven melodically. “THE FUNERAL” and “NO ONE’S GONNA LOVE YOU” are unparalleled in sheer beauty and I would LOVE to see them live again. Please please please tickets!

  • Lee

    I need tickets ’cause they’re an amazing band and an amazing show. My husband was unemployed for 4 months recently, so we’re on a super tight budget and can’t afford to go. 🙁 Please, please, please – make a charitable donation to some big fans!

  • Wade

    I like Band of Horses … neeeyyyyyyyy, I love Band of Horses. I love that they added Tyler Ramsey to the band, although when he was solo, he looked human to me. I deserve the tickets because, much like N4F, I’m awesome and I rock!

  • I love Band of Horses because they are my “feeling blue and need a pick me up” music. Aaaaaand I heart N4F!! I’d love to get free tickets because I will scream loudest of all the fan girls and of course my happy ass is broke :0)

  • LB

    Band of Horses just sounds like a summer night. I would looooove to spend an evening living life “Nashville Style.” I should win the tickets because if I win them the money I would have spent on tickets will go straight to flood relief. I want to spend that morning/afternoon up in Davidson County somewhere working with Hands On Nashville doing some relief (still needs work!!), and then head to a great show for a treat afterwards. N4F is my entertainment best friend, this would just be like a proposal, I’d love you forever! 🙂

  • Kate

    I’ve never had the chance to see these guys live before even though they are one of my favorite bands. Since money is tight these days, I don’t have the funds to head to the show myself. So my two options are winning tickets or sneaking in and to tell you the truth, I’m not very fast so I’d probably get arrested. To save me from possible jail time, I think I should get the tickets.

    Another reason I should win the tickets is that day is my roommate’s birthday. She would literally flip out if I gave her a ticket to the show to help celebrate. We both love the band and we both have never seen them live. She’s also never been to the War Memorial before so I think her birthday would be a fab time to see it! Don’t you think? My roommate is also not a fast runner so you’d be saving her from a possible arrest as well.

    Did I mention my love for horses as well? I took riding lessons when I was younger and can ride with the best cowboys out in the west. I can name lots of different horse breeds too. Wanna see?

  • Lisa Hardwick

    My husband and I GOT MARRIED to Band of Horses!!! Our two year anniversary is coming up, and being able to see them would be incredible! We played songs Everything All The Time and Cease To Begin when guests were being seated, and all during our reception. I would love to surprise my husband with tickets. I would even dress us as a horse to give him the tickets. OH PRETTY PLEASE!

  • Emily

    If you want the five bonus points make sure to send a picture of yourself dressed up as a horse or something of the like to nashvilleforfree at gmail dot com!

  • Megan M

    Well of course everyone thinks they should win, but I really did and here’s the truth of the matter (no made up stories):
    I just moved to Nashville a few months ago to finally live near my boyfriend after nearly a year of long-distance. Since moving, I haven’t been able to find a full-time job. Even with two part-time jobs I can’t really pay for anything aside from bills and minimal groceries, leaving the beloved boyfriend to foot all other costs (including some groceries)… My sob story is only to explain this – his favorite band is Band of Horses (oddly obsessed) but for once, I would like to provide the tickets to an outing. He just started a new job himself a few weeks ago, so things have become even tighter. It would really suck to say “Hey, let’s go see Band of Horses. And you can pay.” So help me treat this boy and give him a bit in return for all that he’s given me – including my pretty new couch (did I mention he spoils me sometimes? That and he was tired of sitting on the floor…).

    Also, if you want to hear about someone knowing something about horses… I grew up in the Cowboy Capital of the World – Bandera, Texas. For real, look it up. I learned to ride at the YMCA in Bandera, my boyfriend’s family owns a horse named Gus (gus-gus), and my favorite part of my drive to work is passing the horses in the front yards of some Brentwood-ians. Yup.

    Please pick me. I follow your tweets and appreciate your tips on free things to do – but this is probably the best information yet.

    Expect an email in the next few days….

  • Jaclyn

    I would really love tickets to see Band of Horses. I didn’t get married to their music, it’s not my roommates birthday, I wasn’t recently unemployed, and I probably will not donate the money that I would have spent in tickets to the Nashville flood relief, but I would really love an evening spent listening to wonderfully played music amongst friends and other genuine people. Expect a horse in your e-mail!

  • I am a horse! I run over 30 miles a week, and you better believe “Is There a Ghost” is on my running playlist. I’m healthy as a horse, and when I’m done running with my Band of Horses “I could sleep”. Well, “when I lived alone. Is there a ghost in my house?”

    Instead of “runnin’ a blender in a lightning storm”, I ran a race. I got diverted in the Country Music Marathon at mile 22.2. “Disguised as a blessing” – now I’m headed to Seattle to make it the full 26.2.

    My friends all call me Neighbor Dan (hence my twitter @djneighbor), and it’s been said “there is compassion and depth in a neighbor”. I would love to take a well deserving, fully devoted, Band of Horses fan with me! If I found two, I’d give them both away, just ’cause I’m that kind of neighbor.

  • Haley

    I would LOVE to win these tickets.
    Band of horses is incredible. There musical individuality is unlike anything I have heard before! They are fresh and fun!
    Band of Horses is my sisters favorite band.
    I would love SO MUCH to give her these tickets as a surprise!
    So pleasee! Please! 🙂
    You guys are awesome.

  • Most of the world loves Band of Horses. I, however, love them so much, that if I had to dedicate a song to them, professing my love, it would be one of their own – “No One’s Gonna Love You”. Of course, I don’t love them in a creepy, stalker sort of way. That would be weird, and not at all love.

    I deserve them because I just spend an hour hooking up my printer so I could put something in your gmail inbox….and we all know what a pain it is to set up printers.

  • Chris

    I can remember the first time I ever heard Band of Horses. It was on a train in Europe in 2007. Since then each song of their’s reminds me of time when I felt the most free. A time when I was learning not only a lot about the world, but a lot about myself. Their music has the ability to conjure up some of the strongest emotions I’ve ever experienced. More than any other band I know of, they have the ability to transport me into a world where my daily cares of work and school disappear. Without their music and what it means to me, life would be a just little bit harder to get through. I’ve already missed seeing them twice in concert, I can’t even imagine it happening a third time. So, please give me the tickets because I swear that you’ll be giving them to someone who will truly value the experience.

  • Rob B

    My wife & I are both big fans of Band of Horses and would love to see the show. July 12th is also her BIRTHDAY. So if I win tickets, then I might be able to take her to a nice dinner before the show. Or maybe get her a shirt or other souvenir from the merch table. So please consider us for the tix. I even joined Facebook to enter this contest. That’s something that for years no one has been able to get me to do.

  • Amber Michele

    Alright, here we are. In 12 hours, you are picking your winner. and like a true procastinator, I am just now making sure to slide in my entree. The first comment mis-spelled “guarantee” so their argument that they were first… well it’s cancelled out. I’m only kidding, of course. Listen, I’ve got no sob story. I moved here in August and have enjoyed every blissful moment of this city and have taken advantage of every single day off, exploring nashforfree tips around the city. I mean if we’re playing the sad card, I did lose my job due to the flood; but, worry not. I have found a new job which I do enjoy quite a bit. I have a fantastic girlfriend and we are making ends meet as well as we can. In my twenty two years of existence, I have found that people in general are temporary-in a non depressing, yet realistic way. The only thing that has ever remained constant is music.
    Seeing Band Of Horses live isn’t going to another show. It’s like I’m running into my best friend from high school, who I haven’t seen since leaving home. Whose words still find their way into my daily stream of conciousness when I need them. They have sung me to sleep, and walked me to work. Those words have made love to me, and fueled my fits of rage. I want these tickets, not to see a show, but to dance with an old friend, who has always been within the reach of a button. If I fail to win these tickets, life will keep turning and I will keep singing; and, I will eventually some day find my old friend and it will be beautiful.

    Not to mention, considering that this contest was put on by NASHFORFREE… my horse picture that’s coming to you was made completely from scratch-without spending a dime. (Use your creative eye to see the HORSE)

  • I would love to win these tickets… thanks so much for the opportunity! My husband and I are big Band of Horses fans and have never seen a show at the War Memorial. This would be a blast!

  • Rachel

    I want to win these tickets because it will be my first opportunity to see them live! I have actually only recently discovered them, but I’m a huge fan!
    Also, I started recently dating this really hot guy that’s a fan of theirs as well, and I think it would totally win him over if I told him I had tickets and wanted to take him. 😉

  • John

    I don’t if it’s a good reason to deserve tickets or not, but a friend and I made the trek to Columbus and Indy to see Pearl Jam and were quite taken in by Band of Horses, who opened for them.

    Well, we happened to be hanging at the same hotel as Band of Horses in Columbus and as we were checking out to head to Indy, we passed their tour bus and Ben was packing some shit under the bus. My friend said, “Hey, great show last night” and he simply ignored her and got on the bus.

    We’d love to use the tickets to experience another great show and potentially get snubbed yet again.

  • Heather D

    Everytime Band of Horses plays anywhere near me I always end up missing them, whether the reason is money or lack of time. I’m a college student, so money is always tight. I’m actually moving back to Nashville a few days before this show if all goes as planned, and it would be a blessing to have some free entertainment until I get my feet back on the ground financially! I, like everyone here, am a HUGE fan of Band of Horses. Their music is so calming and I fall asleep to it all the time. Since the 4 hour drive up there is going to drain most of my budget, I would really appreciate these tickets!! 🙂

  • Byron

    I would like the tickets so that I can reunite with my long lost band of horses. I yearn for the days of yesteryear when our wild pride of stallions roamed the villages and countryside free from oppression. Yes, in another time and place I was one horse in a wild band of thoroughbreds, I’ve been working diligently ever since to reconnect with my colt friends – please help me. Also, I like their music.

  • Greg

    Every time I hear Band of Horses come around on Slacker, I think to myself, “man – those guys are really good – I’ve got to check them out…” but then usually I forget. Seeing them live holds the promise of many more of these moments, but with the added benefit of being forced to ‘check them out’ some more. It’s a win-win!

  • Shane Martin

    I have been informed that if I don’t win these tickets, I will be forced to reenact the dance scene from Silence of the Lambs. You know, the one with Q Lasurus – “Goodbye Horses” playing in the background?

    Hoping you can save me from tucking. (Although, I’d totally #### me.)

    Transgendered My Little Pony in the recording studio coming to your email.