Free Energy In-Store at Grimey's!

If you read this blog with any frequency you’ve probably come to the conclusion that we are in love with Grimey’s. Independent record stores are fading away, but Grimey’s is still going strong, probably with a little help from events like the one tonight.

Free Energy. I first heard them this past fall and I really dug it (how could I not love a band that has “free” in their name?), but I sort of folded them away and didn’t think about them too much, but since SXSW they’ve freaking blown way up!

The best way to describe them is probably arena glam rock. The Grimey’s website compares them to T. Rex and Thin Lizzy, so if that strikes your fancy then you should come on down. The in-store is tonight at 6pm, and it’s the second in a series of four in-stores Grimey’s is holding this week.

This set will be acoustic, so if you also want to see them rock the hell out you should check out their show at Exit/In later tonight.

Also, if you check out their MySpace you’ll see some links to get some of their tunes for free. I love these guys!



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