Science Cafe: The search for a second Earth at Fido Coffee

I know I’m not alone in the world as an outer space geek. I don’t know a lot about the specifics of the universe, but dang, there are some pretty cool pictures of it floating around the universe.

My nerdiness is what makes me excited about Science Cafe, a series presented by Adventure Science Center that takes place at Fido Coffee. The great thing about Science Cafe is that it isn’t a lecture, it’s an actual discussion. You get to sit at a table with your fancy coffee and muffin and talk to an actual expert and other enthusiasts/curious people.

This month’s Science Cafe is titled “The Search for a Second Earth.” Here’s the official event description:

With all the galaxies in the universe, how likely is it that we will find another another planet like Earth? Are there other planets capable of sustaining life similar to what we know? How would we find it if it does exist? What would it mean to us here on Earth if we did find it? In May, our guest will be astrobiologist Dr. Todd Gary of Tennessee State University. We’ll discuss the decades long search by astronomers to find other Earth-like planets in the universe.

There is always some sort of expert at these things, just to make sure they don’t go in an insane direction (and this one has every ability to do just that). This time it’s Dr. Todd Gary, Director of the Institute of Understanding Biological Systems (IUBS) at Tennessee State. He is the Principle Investigator for the management of the NASA Astrobiology Institue-Minority Institute Research Support program (NAI-MIRS). Dang, that’s a mouth-full. He sounds important.

This event will take place this Thursday, May 20th at 7pm at Fido.

of the Institute of Understanding Biological Systems (IUBS) at Tennessee State University


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