Coal Train Railroad at the Green Hills Public Library

16 May

This is the second family friendly event I’ve decided to write about in the past few days. I have to say, if you have kids this sounds like a great organization and a great event.

Coal Train Railroad is a collection of jazz songs written for kids. They’re written from a child’s point of view and the topics include things like bellybuttons, juice, sharing, and snuggling.

The idea is to inspire kids to do a variety of different things. Most notably dance, play, and use their voices to riff along with the musicians. Sounds like fun, right?

This is Nashville, and I know that all Nashvillian mommas and daddies want their kids to be musical at a young age. I mean, how else are those kids gonna get work before they’re two?

This event will take place on Monday, May 17th at 10:30am at the Green Hills Public Library.