Michelle Branch and Holly Williams at Imogen & Willie

Tonight Mas Tacos was at Imogen + Willie, just like usual, and they had some great music, like they often do.

Usually I drop by as Mas Tacos is opening, grab my food, and leave, but tonight was special. First of all, they were collecting donations for flood victims. Secondly, Michelle Branch and Holly Williams, two people I loved way back when, were playing.

I have to admit, I sort of made fun of myself for wanting to go. I haven’t listened to either of them in years and wasn’t sure how well the songs would hold up, but dang, I forget how much I like them.

Michelle and Holly are actually really good songwriters. Maybe my taste in Jr. High wasn’t as bad as I remember it being! Maybe I was feeling sentimental, I don’t know. All I know is that I really enjoyed it. Old songs were mixed with new songs and covers; Holly played a song about the car accident she and her sister were in a few years ago that choked me up.

Sadly, I couldn’t stay to see any of the other acts or really hang out because I have an exam bright and early tomorrow morning, but it was a really great event for a really great cause. I also heard that Imogen + Willie are matching whatever donations are collected. Before I left they had raised over $700.

Go Nashville! Go Imogen + Willie! Michelle and Holly, you two rock.

I’m going to have to actually stick around Imogen + Willie on Thursday nights now. I had no idea they events they had could be so cool.



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