White Noise Party at Limelight

What: White Noise Party

When: Friday April 30th

Where: Limelight

COST: $8, free for ladies before 10pm (and possibly free booze)

Now, you know I’m not the biggest fan of writing about events that aren’t exactly free. Actually, that’s not true, I write about them with some frequency. I know the site is called Nashville for FREE, but I’m all about dirt-cheap-big-bang-for-your-buck type things, and that’s where this event comes in.

Here’s the deal: the people at Cohan Braswell Entertainment think that all the things that happen in Nashville are boring (they said something about ADD? I don’t know, they lost me by this part in the press release), and they’re out to change that. The boringness, not the ADD. Maybe the ADD, I actually have no idea. What I DID gather is that Evan P. Donohue, Future the Artist, Dee Goodz, and Clint Wilson of Darla Farmer will be playing and there will be a fashion show, live abstract painting, independent film, and even a burlesque show.

The cost of the event is $8, but if it’s one of those deals where they let the ladies in for free to bring in the fellas. Also, there’s a pregame party at 828 kirkwood ave., and if you pay the $8 cover there (the same as the White Noise Party), then you get FREE ALCOHOL all night, a FREE RIDE to and from Limelight. That’s right, free alcohol. Man, usually I tell you about free events and then you have to buy your own booze. This is the opposite of that. Take what you will from it.



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