Contest: Secret Unannounced Julian Casablancas Afterparty

Not married? Maybe?

If you read this week’s Weekly Highlights you might have seen an event at 11pm this Tuesday (April 27) called for  “Secret Unannounced Julian Casablancas Afterparty.” Well, it’s obviously not a secret, but it is pretty fantastic sounding.

The party is going to celebrate the birth of Dave Paulson, who you might know from The Privates, who are awesome. Yep, it’s his birthday party, and all of you (who are 21+) are invited. Did I mention he may or may not be a bachelor? (read: he’s not) Yeah, that’s just a head’s up for all you ladies who still wish for a man at 11:11 every day. I mean, you can risk it, but if he is married I won’t take responsibility for any injuries you might obtain from the wife of a married man who has some lady flirting with him.

If you’re wondering what that has to do with a contest, be patient, I’m getting to that! Mr. Brandon Jazz from the Mercy Lounge just sent me an email about some things that they’re giving away through US, Nashville for Free. You could win any of the following things:

  • one piece of limited edition birthday cake
  • one song request (this will be the ONLY song request of the evening, so make it count)
  • a life-size Britney Spears cardboard cutout (“One More Time”-era Britney)

Those are some pretty sweet prizes if you ask me. I’d obviously want to win the cake, but I’d take the song request, but just because I want everyone to know what awesome taste in music I have.

To enter the contest (which you should do) just RSVP to the Secret Unannounced Julian Casablancas Afterparty on Facebook then make a comment mentioning how bad ass Nashville for Free is. You know it’s true. The only thing more bad ass than us is Dave Paulson, but only because his birthday is coming up.

Get on it! If you enter it’ll make us look good!

Also, if you like Imogen Heap don’t forget you have until May 1st to enter that contest. I haven’t been blown away by any of the entries yet, so your chances are still high.



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