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Porcupine Tree?

Hello fellow concert goers!

I think it’s been pretty well established that I go to a ton of free shows. It’s my number one form of entertainment, but it can get kind of expensive, so I take whatever breaks I can find. I enter to win free tickets, I street team so I can hopefully get into free shows and things like that, but those are all pretty iffy.

Our friend Glen (a reader who emailed me) told me about something that TicketWeb does to get you a free ticket when you buy a ticket to a show. If you don’t know what TicketWeb is, it’s like Ticketmaster, but for smaller venues. It also sucks a lot less.

What Glen did was he bought one ticket for a show at 3rd and Lindlsey, then, at checkout he opted in for CompleteChoice, which offered him a $20 rebate on his next purchase, so he joined. He then bought his other ticket and sent an email to CompleteChoice requesting his $20 rebate.

Be sure to include your Member #, Purchaser (first and last name), Confirmation # and Date of Purchase to get your money back. Also, make sure to call 1-800-826-1885 within 30 days of completing your offer to avoid being charged their $12 monthly fee.

So glen got a check in the mail a few weeks later for $20, just like that. He even testifies that customer service was friendly and helpful (imagine that!).

So, this is a slightly trickier way to save money at live shows, but around here we’ll take what we can get. Thanks for the tip, Glen! If any of you out there reading this have any sort of tip on how to get things for free or cheap feel free to email me at nashvilleforfree at gmail dot com.


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  • cheapassmichelle

    Porcupine Tree rulz.

  • Emily

    Porcupine tree? Is that a thing?

  • cheapassmichelle

    A thing? I have no idea. I just think the name is hilarious. I think they were like, a kraut rock band or something.