Nashville for Free's 8 off 8th Prom – the SCENE REPORT!

Well hello there. I hope all of you have recovered from our super sweet 8 off 8th prom. Some great bands played, some “great” prizes were given away, there a bunch of free posters (from the Beggars Group), coupons for free pizza at Bosco’s, Lost Highway Sampler CDs, and there was cake. Tasty cake.

Oh yeah, there was a photobooth too, where Alex Crawford took some super sweet “shitty prom portraits” for us. Look at that set! It’s incredibly similar to my actual prom portrait booth.

Some of the incredible prizes given away Monday night included a pineapple, a mesh safety vest, a Pink Floyd clock and flag, a Metallica flag, a box full of random CDs from Lance’s personal collection (seen to the left there), an autographed OCMS CD (autographed by the band, not by us, I promise), a whole cake, a DVD that shows images of fires burning in fireplaces, and a bunch of crap that I can’t remember but was personally happy to see it all go.

In our raffle-mania we also decided to raffle off crowns from prom king and queen! The Queen was none other than Yvonne Smith, the Traveling Vegetarian! Prom King was a fellow by the name of Stephen Turney, who is a friend of ours. You might remember him from my post from August about free tours at United Record Pressing. You’ll see a picture of the lovely random couple in the photo gallery.

Personal highlights from last night for me personally include Natalie Warner’s last show in Nashville before her big move to LA, the Forties playing a Tears for Fears cover, and the cake. How about you guys?

Please enjoy some of my favorite not-too-dirty-or-weird portraits from the photobooth. All the photos can be seen at Alex’s Flickr.

Thanks again for making our first prom AWESOME!


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