Better World Film Festival

Tonight, Friday April 9th brings us the Better World Film Festival. It starts at 7pm and will go into the morning at 1pm.

This is the first free outdoor movie event (that I’ve heard about) of the season, and that’s exciting! Also, since the rain washed so much of the pollen away maybe my itchy eyes won’t destroy my soul.

Anyway, as the name suggests, the movies being shown tonight are all about how to make a better world. Films shown include Sons of LwalaThe TOMS Shoes StoryOne Peace at a TimeThe 11th Hour and Food Inc..

As you can see, it’s a wide range of different films, so you get a well-rounded picture of some of the problems in the world and the things YOU can do to fix it.

Sons of Lwala is about a Vanderbilt student overseeing construction of hospital in Kenya, the TOMS shoe story is about children who don’t have shoes (and how TOMS seeks to fix this), One Peace at a Time is about the possibility of providing basic rights to every child, Food, Inc. is about how disgusting processed food from big farms is, and the 11th Hour is about, among other things, global warming and humanity.

It seems like it’s going to be a really positive night, and hopefully you’ll find yourself inspired to help bring better things to the world. So bring a low lawn chair, blanket, pillow, dinner, and friends, and have a good time.

Sponsored by: Global Poverty Initiative (host), Vanderbilt ONE, TOMS Shoes Club, Students for Kenya, Spear, VIVA and the Anthropology Department


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