Weekly Highlights March 22-27


Rock’n’Roll Trivia at the Mercy Lounge – 6:30
It’s a super-rocking trivia night, as usual, with prizes from the bar and The Groove. With three rounds of questions, two rounds of “name that tune,” and the rock and roll-est of final wagers where you can bet (and possibly lose) it all, winning could come down to whether you remember who sang that one-hit wonder, which album came out first, or what’s that rocker dude’s real name. Always a fun time.

8 off 8th Road to Bonnaroo at the Mercy Lounge – 9pm
So, one lucky Nashville band will get to play at Bonnaroo. Last year it was Heypenny, who will it be this year? Well, after you hear all these rad bands you can vote, and then the judges will vote, and before the big festival a winner will be chosen. There’s even a rumor floating around the a few certain cheap-ass bloggers will be judges. The bands playing this week will be Brenn, Hillbilly Casino, How I Became the Bomb, Modoc, Shoot the Mountain, Tristen, The Kicks and Tesla Rossa.

Best Selling Author Lisa Lutz signs and discusses The Spellmans Strike Again at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
The uproarious fourth and final installment in the “New York Times”-bestselling, Edgar Award-nominated series about a kooky detective family. If it’s described as kooky it must be good, right? Right?


The Silent League In-Store at Grimey’s – 6pm
I’ll just let Doyle tell you about The Silent League:

Expansive orchestral pop from this Brooklyn collective has critics and bloggers falling all over themselves to describe just how lush, shimmery and epic it is. Wire magazine says “a sense of naivety underwritten by an arch pop awareness…epic flights of melancholy pop, flavoured with vintage soft-rock and Americana”. According to the New York Times, “Brian Wilson’s legacy shimmers through the songs of The Silent League, which uses a few musicians to create grandly expansive orchestral pop.” Rolling Stone claims “elegiac piano and vocals that echo Wayne Coyne….[The Silent League] create a lush expansive orchestral pop record…sublime.”

New Faces Nite at the Basement – 8pm
This week’s New Faces Nite features Gold Sounds, Dead City Diary, Jungle, Spirit Family Reunion, Labrie Band and Ange Boxall.

Women and Money at the Green Hills Public Library – 10:30am
Women often lack confidence when making financial decisions. Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Divorce Planner Kay Quinn has more than 20 years experience in the field of financial planning. She will cover topics including legal documents, investments, credit ratings, tax returns and Social Security, to help women plan for their futures with or without their spouses.

A Corinthian Hydra: The Fountain of Peirene Lost and Found by Betsey Robinson at the Parthenon – 7pm
The American School of Classical Studies began excavations at Corinth in 1896, but two years later, there were few noteworthy finds. The 1898 discovery of Peirene was a turning point, and as the ruined fountain-house came to light, the archaeologists proclaimed that their “period of groping” was over. Not only had they found one of the most famous fountains of antiquity, but by putting Peirene on the map, they knew exactly where to dig for Corinth’s ancient center. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about RSVP at (615) 862-8431


The Soft Pack In-Store at Grimey’s – 6pm
Grimey’s brings you one of the most rad new indie bands to you for FREE before their show at Exit/In later in the evening. They used to be the Muslims, but they changed it when they moved to LA. Doyle says, “hyper-strummed power punk and post-garage rock with a jittery edge that reminds me of The Feelies or even Gang Of Four.” It’s gonna freaking rock.

Teen Writers Workshop at the Madison Public Library – 4:30pm
The Madison library has some great events for teens, and this is one of them. A lot of teens write but don’t have a lot of ways to share that writing or learn more about creative writing. Meet other teen writers, share your ideas, and bring in your poetry, fan fiction, song lyrics or the next great American novel-in-progress. Miss Christine will proofread and give you pointers on plot, style, and narrative arc.

International Lens Film Series presents Velodromo at Vandy’s Sarratt Cinema – 7pm
Ariel Roth is content with his bike, his small one-room apartment, his laptop, and his solitude. But when Ariel’s best friend and girlfriend decide they don’t want to spend time with him, he discovers he has to start all over again. At least he still has his bike, his laptop, and the streets of Santiago. World premiere screening presented by the director! In Spanish with English subtitles. Not rated. 120 minutes.


International Lens Film Series presents Girls Rock! at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema – 7pm
Girls Rock! follows the journey of four 8 to 18-year-olds as they are transformed by the liberating powers of music at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls. Given the opportunity to bash the drums, wail like a banshee and take up space, the girls jettison gender stereotypes like old hats on their way to a joyous final concert that will change their lives forever. 90 min. Rated PG.

Spring Wildflower Walk at Warner Park Nature Center – 9am-12pm
This should be a really nice way to spend your morning if you’re free on Thursday mornings (hey, like me!). I’m not sure how many flowers will actually be blooming, but any is good enough for me. It’s not just a kids thing, in fact, it’s an adult level walk (whatever that means). Call (615) 352-6299 to register.

WSM live broadcast with Brigitte DeMeyer at Station Inn – 3pm
I always enjoy reading artist bios, so here’s hers:

For Brigitte DeMeyer, it was only a matter of time. She was already one of the most discussed artists in the Americana movement. Her work stirred accolades in national media. She was tapped to open shows for Marc Cohn, Dan Fogelberg – and Bob Dylan. She wrote songs as weavers thread tapestries, her most vivid colors being a Southern feel, a churchy soulfulness in her vocals, and a way with words that bore comparison to literature as easily as to the best contemporary lyrics. Yet she had one more line to cross, the one that lay between all that she had accomplished and Nashville, in some respects her spiritual home yet a place she had never recorded until this year. The result, Red River Flower, is a turning point in her journey, taking her closer to the sound toward which she has been working for years.

Best Selling Author Sarah Addison Allen signs and discusses The Girl Who Chased the Moon at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
In her latest enchanting novel, “New York Times” bestselling author Sarah Addison Allen invites you to a quirky little Southern town with more magic than a full Carolina moon. Here two very different women discover how to find their place in the world–no matter how out of place they feel.


Civil Wars In-Store at Grimey’s – 6pm
Man, Grimey’s is really bringing the rock to you for free this week. First it’s The Silent League, then the Soft Pack, and now Civil Wars! Civil Wars are an Americana duo comprised of the lovely Joy Williams and fantastic John Paul White (self-described by the way). They recently released their debut EP Poison & Wine, produced by Grammy-winner Charlie Peacock. Both artists are acclaimed singer-songwriters with devoted followings and lately their music has been gracing bigtime TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy. It’s gonna be packed so get there early.

MOJO: presented by Untitled Artist Group at B.B. King’s – 6-10pm
This is a one night art show event brought to you by Untitled Artist Group, a non-profit collective dedicated to supporting artistic innovation and offering alternative visual arts experiences in the Nashville community. Untitled artists work democratically and cooperatively outside the traditionally conservative gallery scene. The group’s most well known activity is its popular quarterly non-juried, one-night shows that routinely include over 100 artists and attract a thousand or more patrons. This is one of those events.

Wayne White Lecture: Emmy-Winning Set & Puppet Designer for Pee Wee’s Playhouse at Watkin’s College – 5:30pm
Born in Chattanooga, TN, Wayne White graduated from MTSU. He is a three-time Emmy winner for his set and puppet designs for Pee-wee’s Playhouse. The L.A.-based artist art directed two seminal music videos, Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” and Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight,” and has exhibited paintings and sculptures internationally. Sounds like a pretty cool dude.


2nd Annual Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival at Nashville’s Public Square – 9am-4pm
The 2nd Annual Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival will be held on Saturday, March 27 from 10:00am-4:00pm at Public Square. The day will kick-off with the 1st Annual Cherry Blossom Walk at 9:00am followed by a day of Japanese cultural demonstrations, performances and more! The dynamic drumming group Kaminari Taiko will return to Nashville for a captivating concert on the main stage.

Easter Egg Hunt at Cumberland State Park’s Visitor Center
This is a big ‘ol Easter Egg Hunt designed for kids walking age and up. There will be five age categories, with four prizes awarded to each group, for children finding the prize eggs. There will be no “most eggs found” competition. Adults will only be allowed to assist toddler hunters in the walking to age two group. If it’s nasty outside it’ll be rescheduled to Sunday the 28th.

Annual Spring Break Party at Arrington – 4-8pm
Kix Brooks sure knows how to paaarrrtaaayy!!! For all you crazy college kids 21+ or people 21+ in general, there will be a free wine tasting as well as live Calypso music. If you’ve read the “Contributors” page you’ll know that I grew up near a vineyard. Arrington is much better than that vineyard, not surprisingly. When I say better I mean bigger and fancier and owned by someone famous.

Edmondson Pike Library Book Sale – Saturday 10am-Sunday 2pm
Library book sales are great. You get really cheap books and get to help support the library. I’ve seen really cool books about history, slightly outdated medical and writing textbooks, classic books, everything you can think of at library book sales. Just be nice to the librarians.


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