Essra Mohawk In-Store

What: Essra Mohawk In-Store
Where: Grimey’s Records
When: Friday, March 12th 6pm

You might not have heard of Essra Mohawk, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard some of her songs. She’s been on the scene since 1964 and has written hit songs for people like Cyndi Lauper (“Change of Heart”) and Tina Turner (“Stronger than the Wind”).

Though she began her career as a songwriter for acts like the Shangri-Las, in 1967 she was discovered by Frank Zappa. She started releasing her own albums including Primordial Lovers, which was at one point one of Rolling Stone’s 25 Greatest Albums of All Time. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, apparently she’s lived in Nashville for a decade but hasn’t gotten much attention. Collector’s Choice is re-releasing 3 of her earlier albums, Sandy’s Album Is Here at Last, Primordial Lovers, and Essra Mohawk. She’s pretty awesome and you can catch her at Grimey’s this Friday at 6pm. There will probably be beer, and she probably will play some awesome songs and tell some awesome stories, so don’t miss it. End your work-week right!

Here some of her toonz here.



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