Have You Ever Wanted to Learn how to Quilt?


Quilts may not have originated in America (they can be traced back to ancient Egypt), but there’s something so American about them, and not just the one to the right. –>

I think that everyone knows someone who has a quilt. My great-grandmother made quilts. A friend of my family makes quilts out of old t-shirts, which are pretty rad. Well, now you can learn how to make quilts.

This coming Tuesday, February 16th the The American Professional Quilting Systems (APQS) Road Show team will make a stop in Nashville to conduct a free seminar about longarm quilting. I have no idea what makes longarm quilting different than any other type of quilting, but that’s the kind they’re teaching. The seminar is 3 hours long and goes from 1-4pm. It will be held at Inn and Suites. To sign up for the seminar contact Alison Bauer at 800-426-7233 or abauer@apqs.com

What: Longarm Quilting Seminar
When: Feb. 16th, 1-4pm
Where: Inn and Suites, 2350 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN
RSVP: Alison Bauer at 800-426-7233 or abauer@apqs.com

For more info on the APQS Road Show, visit http://apqs.com/roadshow_info.php


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