Weekly Highlights 2/8


Rock’n’Roll Trivia and 8 off 8th at the Mercy Lounge – 6:30 & 9pm
The Mercy Lounge sort of owns Monday Nights when it comes to free stuff. Rock’n’Roll trivia offers prizes that involve gift cards and bar money, so grab your music nerd friends and come on down. After the trivia it’s time for 8 off 8th at 9pm, which features Luna Halo, Mother Father, Nite Nite, Will Holland, Tesla Rossa, and The Hollywood Ten this week.

Leticia Wolf in-store at Grimey’s – 6pm
Here’s what Grimey’s has to say about her:

Celebrating the release of her brand new album The Fire And The Flood, Leticia Wolf will offer a full-band performance here in the record store, with strings! Having grown up heavily influenced by punk and grunge, Wolf’s songwriting jones eventually led her to the singer-songwriters of the ’70s and The Beatles. She’s fronted rock bands, punk bands and all-girl metal bands but was always ready to throw down with a solo acoustic show at a moment’s notice. Of her new album she says, “The album is dark, but it’s soft and delicate, even hopeful at times. The stories explore a meandering path that is green with acoustic guitar, piano, rhodes, organ, strings and even a few euphoniums. The production is dry, warm and at times playful, but never over-done.”
Leticia Wolf myspace

Michael Webb’s Monday Night Jam at Douglas Corner Cafe – 8:30pm
This is a weekly event that I don’t really cover, but I thought I’d let you guys know about it. Michael Webb hosts the Monday Night Jam w/appearances by Bruce Wallace, Ward Stout, Craig Wright, Jolene Kay, Dave Webb, John Carroll, Dave Roe, and more.


Suzi Ragsdale in-store at Grimey’s – 6pm
Again, let’s see what Grimey’s has to say about her:

Acclaimed singer-songwriter (and daughter of country/comedy star Ray Stevens) Suzi Ragsdale been a songwriter and session singer for big-name country acts and a duet partner and accordionist for Pam Tillis, Randy Travis, Verlon Thompson, Guy Clark and Darrell Scott. And on her own she’s released a couple of EPs that have the likes of Rodney Crowell acclaiming “‘Best Regards’ is just the right mix of wisdom, whimsy, and white wine. My advice is to listen in your kitchen. There’s a lot of hers in the music.” And that’s too far off the mark as Suzi has run her own international market (Global Soup) and offers a recipe on every blog entry on her myspace. The Nashville Scene describes her music as “effortlessly funky, spiritually enlightened storytelling.”
Suzi Ragsdale myspace

Local Author Matt Moore discusses and signs Have Her Over For Dinner at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
Nashville based singer/songwriter Matt Moore is releasing the perfect solution for any guy looking to impress a significant other in the kitchen. Have Her Over for Dinner is a book that emphasizes the basics, without requiring dozens of ingredients or expensive equipment to complete outstanding meals.

Astrology: Finding Love in the Stars at New Earth Center in Hendersonville – 7pm
I’ve heard that some people get really into the whole Astrology thing. Tonight at New Earth Center you can learn all about judging potential boyfriends and girlfriends by the month in which they were born. Hey, maybe you’ll meet some cute singles, yeah? Yeah?

New Faces Nite at the Basement – 8pm
Sara Beth Goeghagen, NO TV Motel, Brooks Ritter, Regan Lorraine, Erin McMillen, Chris Hatfield and more will be performing at The Basement tonight with the sole goal of  making a good first impression.


International Lens Presents: Sam Cooke: Legend at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema – 7pm
Written by award-winning author and Vanderbilt professor Peter Guralnick, this is a stirring look at a singular talent who was not only one of the originators of soul music but whose song, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” has been an anthem of the Civil Rights Movement ever since its first release. This Grammy-winning documentary includes vintage performance and interview clips with Cooke, along with first-person recollections from many of the great gospel and R&B pioneers. English. Not rated. 70 minutes.

Dave Peterson at 12 South Taproom – 8:30pm
So, here at Nashville for Free we really dig Dave Peterson. He’s bluegrass, he’s awesome, and he plays a lot of free shows. Come check him out in my neck of the woods – 12 South. Seriously, he’s pretty cool.

Local Author Dr. Ted Klontz discusses and signs Mind Over Money at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
Do you overspend? Undersave? Keep secrets about money from a spouse or family member? Are you anxious about dealing with your finances? If so, you are not alone. Drawing on decades of experience Brad Klontz describes the twelve most common “money disorders” – like financial infidelity, money avoidance, compulsive shopping, financial enabling, and more – and explains how we can learn to identify them, understand their root causes, and ultimately overcome them.


International Lens and Southern Arts Federation Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers Presents: Trimpin, the Sound of Invention at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema – 7pm
This documentary explores the outrageous work and agile mind of a wildly creative artist/inventor/composer/engineer. Recipient of a MacArthur Genius Award and many other accolades, Trimpin (who uses only his last name) combines music-making machines and kinetic sculpture with homegrown computer technology. The film is an amusing, kinetic exploration of a creative genius in perpetual motion. English. 79 minutes. The director will introduce the film and there will be a Q&A afterwards.

Diplomatic Writing Workshop: How to Negotiate a Psycho Roommate at Vanderbilt University Writing Studio – 4:10pm
Writing for an audience is never more critical than when we have to write our way out of a sticky situation. But rarely are we trained to finesse writing with tact and grace. Laura Miller, chief speechwriter for former Chancellor Gee, and Jennifer Holt, Director of the Writing Studio, facilitate this series of writing workshops on various “Would you read this and tell me how it sounds to you?” situations. Hopefully, from this workshop you’ll learn how to deal with your crazy roommate in a non-passive-aggressive way.

Parthenon Symposia Series: Opening the Door to Ancient Greek House by Barbara Tsakirgis – 7pm
I’ve been blessed with having some good professors who got me interested in the ancient world, so this lecture really appeals to me on a personal basis, and I’m sure I’m not alone. This sounds like an opportunity to learn some really cool things, so check it out. It’s free, but reservations are required. Call (615) 862-8431 to make one.


The Traditional Country Opry at Texas Troubador Theatre – 7pm
The Texas Troubadour Theatre will be hosting an awesome free show featuring the stars of The Traditional Country Opry On Tour along with special guest Stella Parton. Bring along the entire family for a fun-filled evening of free entertainment and toe-tapping old-time country music.

Films at the Frist: Helen of Troy – 7pm
After being shipwrecked on a peace-seeking mission to Sparta, Prince Paris of Troy is washed up on a beach, where he meets and falls in love with a woman he thinks is a slave girl. Determined to carry out his mission and deliver the peaceful intentions of his king, Paris soon leaves the woman to make his way to the Spartan Palace. There, he meets King Menelaus and soon realizes that the woman he loves is actually Queen Helen of Sparta. Menelaus, in turn, quickly recognizes the feelings Paris and Helen have for each other and has the Prince of Troy arrested. Not wanting any harm to come to him, Helen decides to help Paris escape and ends up fleeing Troy with him. This impetuous action is the one that launched a thousand ships and became the impetus for the Trojan War. Starring Rossana Podesta and Jacques Sernas. Directed by Robert Wise, 1956. 118 minutes. 35mm. Not Rated.


Coal Train Railroad in-store at Grimey’s – 4:30pm
According to Grimey’s:

If you’ve got kids and you shop at Grimey’s, you absolutely MUST be here for this in-store where we’ll inaugurate Juice:30! Heh heh. I’m not kidding. Coal Train Railroad are consummate musicians who have created a wonderfully cool “jazz for kids” project. This is one of those kids albums that parents will also fall in love with, produced by bassist Chris Donohue (Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Gillian Welch, Collective Soul) and featuring the charming, playful voice of Katy Bowser. The songs are written from a child’s perspective and cover such important topics as bellybuttons, juice, sharing, and snuggling, inspiring kids all over the world to dance, play, and use their voices to riff along with the musicians. It’s fun stuff and very good. And we’ll have juice! Check the wonderful testimonials here and please note the early start time.
Coal Train Railroad website

Belmont University Rock Showcase at Belmont’s Curb Event Center – 7pm
I’ll probably write more on this later, but it’s the best that Belmont has to offer in the realm of rock. At least, the perceived best.

Valentine’s Day Storytime: The Legend of Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug at the Cool Springs Barnes & Noble – 11am
Bring your lovebugs (children) to our store for a special Storytime featuring The Legend of Lyla the Lovesick Ladybug and Valentine’s Day activities. Sitting alone watching the other ladybugs celebrate Valentine’s Day, Lyla decides to find out what this thing called love is really about. On her journey, she makes some new friends, misses one very special old friend, and finally discovers for herself the true power of love.

Prom Fashion Show at Rocketown – 6pm
This fashion show will also feature a set by a band called Since Forever. Yeah, I haven’t heard of them either. Apparently you’ll get to see the “hottest” prom attire. I don’t know, I always just went to Macy’s or some place like that for my prom dresses. You know, it’s free, it’s for the young’uns. It’s cool.

A New Dialogue in Civil Rights Featuring NPR’s Juan Williams at the Downtown Public Library – 1pm
Marking 50 years after the Nashville student-led demonstrations and sit-ins, the Nashville Public Library will host a community forum to address the progression and evolution of civil rights, while forging a path toward the next 50 years of transforming the community, state, and country. Led by NPR’s Juan Williams, one of America’s leading political/social writers, the forum will connect grass-roots, scholars, activists, and a multi-generational audience and foster dialogue to address the future of civil rights for the millennium generation. Sponsored by Nashville Public Library Foundation


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