Ballet Folklorico de Mexico – Awesome and Cheap

Last summer you might recall me mentioning a huge sale the Nashville Symphony had where many of their performances were only $15 per ticket. I waited in line for over two hours  and ended up with tickets for two shows that were sure to be great. One of them, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, was tonight, and it was freaking awesome.

At 5:45 my phone beeped, alerting me to the fact that the ballet was starting in an hour and fifteen minutes…something that I had completely forgotten. In full freak-out mode I called everyone I could think of who might be interested in coming, and finally I found someone who was willing to arrange his schedule and go (to all my friends who didn’t answer their phones, you missed out). A true crisis was averted.

The performance began in ancient Mexico with little orchestration. The only sounds were the dancers’ feet pounding against the stage and rattling coming from long wooden beads sewn onto their clothes smacking together. It was a great start to an awesome performance. A mariachi band seemed like our spirit guides, at least through the first act. The second act, sadly, had a good deal of pre-recorded music, which is always sad in ballet.

There was something for everyone in this performance. There were beautiful dresses, incredible dancers, romance, sword fights, murder, the dance of death, wild animals (not literally), colors, some serious lassoing, ancient gods, a dude holding out a note for a good 16 measures, and big dancing puppet heads. Seriously. EVERYTHING. Puppet heads!

I knew it would be a great performance, but I was unprepared for how much I enjoyed it. It was incredibly kid-friendly as it was so much less formal than a regular performance – it was relaxed. You could laugh and cheer openly!

Tonight was one of those rare times in my life where I felt awkward that I hadn’t paid more money to experience something. I’m so used to feeling at least a little ripped off, or at least bitter about the fact that I had to pay my hard-earned cash for something, but I would have paid so much more money to see that again. It was absolutely amazing, and I can honestly say that it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It was like Epcot in Disney World on crack.

I’m sorry to say that it seems the ballet was a one night event, but if it comes around again anytime soon, especially if you can get rush tickets or sale tickets, it’s totally worth it, as I’m sure all of the shows at the Symphony are.

Here’s my question: if you did the $15 sale tickets how long did you wait in line and which shows did you choose to get tickets for?


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  • I am impressed with your quick review of this performance. Did you write it during intermission? Haha! I, too, thoroughly enjoyed everything about the show, including the outfits, the atmosphere, and the group of ladies sitting next to me, who were quite chatty but sweet. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on the opportunity to see this! While I did not do the $15 special, I did get a discounted ticket through a special they ran yesterday (that I read about on Twitter…don’t know if it was limited to Twitter followers or not, but I still jumped!) I was also impressed by the turnout. Nashville has flavor!

    Thanks for a great recap of the event!

  • Emily

    Ha! Yeah, I was so amazed by the whole experience that I wrote this up as soon as I got home while things were still fresh in my mind.

    I’ll have to start following Nashville Symphony on Twitter so I can get in on this action more frequently.

    But yeah, it was a pretty good turnout, which is always good to see, though I wonder how many people actually paid full price for their tickets.