Stephen Capps Goes to McKay’s

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Nostalgia is a pleasant aroma. Much less pleasant is the aroma of an empty wallet. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to indulge in the prior aroma without the latter sneaking in as well. Whether looking for or stumbling upon a classic album from your childhood or a book from your teenage years, the price tags that come with them are sometimes nauseating. Fortunately for cheapskates like myself, McKay Used Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Movies & More on Charlotte Avenue eliminates that.

Walking into McKay for the first time was, for a book and music lover like myself, overwhelming. Shelves and shelves of books, and more than a few CD’s and vinyl records as well. I made my way down the aisles of books, finding many books that I love for $2 or less. Some of them I already own, but the prices were so cheap I had to buy them to give away. Exercising restraint to not buy them all is a legitimate struggle, because the selection was fantastic.

The music section was quite pleasing as well. Not only are many CD’s just a few bucks, but the scratched section (note: none of the CD’s I got in the section were very scratched at all) offers many fun CD’s for about 50 cents. I walked out with a few books, and a bag full of CD’s – present favorites like Gillian Welch and Radiohead, artists I’ve wanted to check out ice Islands, and nostalgic favorites like Sixpence None the Richer and Yellowcard, and more. Total number of books: 3. Total number of CD’s: 9. Total price: About $20. I walked out with a bag full of literature and music and a wallet (mostly) full of money. WIN!

-Stephen Capps


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