Wanna Win a Vampire Weekend 7"?

Hey, do you want to win a Vampire Weekend 7″? Of course you do! How do you win this awesome little prize? Easy. Write a Scene Report for Nashville for Free!

What’s a Scene Report? It’s when we have one of our writers go to a free event and then write a blog post about it. It’s Michelle and Brett going to Big Lots and buying some nasty old food, it’s Lance going to a show and taking tons of awesome pictures, it’s Rachel going and listening to people play the bells, and it’s me taking a friend of mine to United Record Pressing for one of their free tours.

So, what cool free events have you gone to lately? Concerts, art galleries, free food, some awesome dude at some bar buying you a bunch of free events, write about it, send it to nashvilleforfree at gmail dot com and if you write the one I choose to post to the blog I will send you the Vampire Weekend 7″ for Cousins. Hey, they’re the number one band right now, literally. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that?

Rock on, and getting writing. I’ll pick the winner Friday morning when I wake up, which will probably be 8am.



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Emily (Founder/Editor in Chief) : Emily is a graduate from Belmont University, where she majored in Music Business. She’s originally from rural Ohio, where there are many cows, a river, and one vineyard. Though she moved to Seattle in 2015, Emily maintains a love of both Nashville and free things, and is actively looking for contributors for NashvilleForFree.com. If you're interested, reach out to her at emily@nashvilleforfree.com.