Matt Dowd Catches Gabe Vitek at Mercy Lounge

GabeV*This post was written by Matt Dowd, a friend of N4F and the editor of Towermix*

All week long at the Mercy Lounge shows are FREE to celebrate it’s 7th Anniversary!  Last night brought a great crowd for all performers including Fly Golden Eagle, Gabrham Vitek, The Hollywood 10, Mike Younger, Majestico, & Rayland Baxter.

I was most excited to see Gabe Vitek, Towermix’s most recent Featured Artist. For Gabe it was an opportunity to introduce some new tunes to the audience.  His set was all new material from his upcoming album, “Devil, Don’t You”.  The audience also got to see his new arrangements in action since the addition of BGV’s & horns creating what Gabe describes as a Motown/Rock feel.  He was obviously excited to be performing the new songs in front of an audience.  Gabe was not limited to sitting at his keyboard during the set.  He was on constant attack and his new band didn’t hold back either!

Overall, it was a great event put on by Happy Salmon Productions & The Mercy Lounge! Happy Birthday Mercy Lounge!

Be sure to stop by the Mercy Lounge all this week for free shows, which continue through this Saturday!

-Matt Dowd

*Note: if you, like Matt, have recently experienced something awesome that was free send us an email at nashvilleforfree /at/ gmail /dot/ com with a write-up of your experience! We’d love to put it in the blog!*


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