Weekly Highlights – First of 2010!


8 off 8th at the Mercy Lounge – 9pm
Here’s the lineup!
1. Max & the Wild Things
2. Will Morgan Holland
3. The Kingston Springs
4. This Modern Station
5. The Zut Alors
6. Bows & Arrows
7. Chris Crofton & The Alcohol Stuntband
8. Cobra Cheetah Tiger Viper

hosted by Joe Colvert of We Own This Town


Dia de Los Reyes (The Day of the Kings) at Discovery Center at Murfree Spring – 5-7:30pm
Dia de Los Reyes is a Mexican holiday, and everyone is invited to celebrate it! Enjoy Rosca de Reyes and other traditional foods in the kitchen, along with special art activities in Creation Station.

New Faces Nite at The Basement – 8pm
Woohoo, a free weekly show that we actually know the line-up for! This week brings to you Wailin Canes, Burlap Palace, Jas Patrick, Danielle Bloom, Kill Paris, Shane Lamb and Drew Kennedy! I hope it isn’t bad, because I honestly don’t know any of these people so I can’t vouch for them.


Films at the Frist: Superman – 7pm
The Frist has a new art exhibit about heroes, and to celebrate it they’re showing the 1978 Superman, which is the good one with Christopher Reeve. It’s sort of awesome (but you already knew that) and I think you all should probably go.

Joshua Adams with Jessica Dawn, The Color Truth and Gold Locks at 12th and Porter – 8pm
This is another group of musicians that I haven’t heard of, but they’re playing a free show in a cool venue, so I reckon it’s worth checking out. I’m sure it’ll be fun, and it’s free, which is just about the right price.

Alanna Nash discusses and signs Baby, Let’s Play House at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
This book is about Elvis Presley’s relationships with women, his sexual identity and how both informed his art and his life. Yes, that’s right, if you were ever curious about the King’s sex life then this is the book for you, and you can hear all about it from the author tonight. Get your questions ready!


Dr. Darrel Ray, Author of The God Virus Lecture at The Closing Bell Wall Street Pub – 7pm
This guy wants to talk about the problems religion has caused, if I understand the summary of this event correctly.

For thousands of years, religion has woven its way through societies and people as if it were part and parcel to that society or person. In large measure it was left unexplained and unchallenged; it simply existed. Those who attempted to challenge and expose religion were often persecuted, excommunicated, shunned, or even executed. It could be fatal to explain that which the church, priest, or imam said was unexplainable. Dr. Ray, author of The God Virus, discusses this and much more in his engaging and entertaining presentation.

Yeah, that won’t make anyone angry.

NAAD Presents Art After Hours – 5-8pm
As usual, tonight the art galleries in Nashville will stay open late and bring out the refreshments so that you can enjoy art the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – with other people. I usually make a separate post detailing the specifics of Art After Hours, so stay tuned!


Charlie Rauh in the Frist’s Grand Lobby – 6-8pm
I’ve never written about this before, but sometimes the Frist puts some musicians in their Grand Lobby and let them rock to you for free. Sounds like fun. Tonight it’ll be a fella named Charlie Rauh.


Historic Franklin Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Cool Springs – 1pm
Michelle makes fun of me for posting about these because they seem sort of lame and technically you have to BUY the book to get the full experience of a book signing, but I think it’s cool to be able to talk to authors, especially ones who write about local history, like this book. Read more about the event and the book, which has a co-writer by the name of ROBIN HOOD here.

Windlands South Grand Reopening – 1-4pm
Why yes, Windlands is a retirement community, but there will be live entertainment, a health fair featuring free screenings, delicious hors d’oeuvres and refreshments as well as a drawing for a cruise voucher for two, a large flat screen television and more. Hey, we’re all going to be old someday, you gotta plan ahead.


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  • The first Music Society of 2010, 1/7/10 9pm at Dan McGuinness Pub, features a great round-up of diverse talent:

    “I write about my life and that of others around me. I hope they don’t mind, and I hope it makes you feel.”

    “Tougher than Fiona Apple, edgier than Norah Jones, Cothron combines cabaret and indie rock as well as anyone since Elvis Costello.” – The Memphis Playbook

    “Surrealist folk ar-teest”

    “Max & the Wild Things’ breezy Jonathan Richman-with-a-banjo approach to rock is totally part of our game.” – Nashville Scene

    The Music Society is a weekly showcase of independent music advocacy in action – every Thursday at Dan McGuinness Pub, always free.