Rock the Block at Exit/In

posterrrrrHallelujah, Rock the Block is back! It’s been awhile, and it doesn’t always have the best players, but we at N4F love free shows no matter how awful they are because, hey, sometimes you have to admit that you get what you pay for.

I’m happy to let you know that this rock the block doesn’t look half bad! The lineup is Elle Macho, Reno Bo, Evan P. Donohue, and Bekah Hailey Band.

Elle Macho could be called David Mead’s Other Band, but it isn’t. It’s still good, though, and I’ve been a David Mead fan for years so of course I’ll like it. They’re totally worth checking out. Maybe David will play some of those childrens’ songs he’s been working on

Reno Bo is a guy I’ve never heard of, but he’s an Electric Western guy who has over 43,000 profile views on MySpace, so that has to mean something, right? Anyway, he’s from New York, is now in Nashville, and lists about a billion influences on his MySpace.

Evan P. Donohue is a Belmont student who really likes Elvis Costello. He’s one of the cool kids so I rarely get to hang out with him. If you’ve heard of him it’s probably because his music is good. He has a Christmas song, you should ask him to play that. It’s about wanting Santa to bring him Rock’n’Roll for Christmas.

The Bekah Hailey Band seems to be new-ish, since I can’t find a lot of info about them online. Their MySpace, however, mentions Alan Jackson, Fleet Foxes, Coldplay, Gogol Bordello, and Three Dog Night as influences. Might be good, who knows.

Here’s the schedule:
9:15 pm: RENO BO
10:00 pm: ELLE MACHO
10:45 pm: EVAN P. DONOHUE



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