Edgehill Villages Goes to the Dogs (and Cats)

EVNovDo you love animals? If you answered no to that then I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends.

If you’ve read this blog for the past few months then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Edgehill Village’s 3rd Thursday event (even though I got a little sick after eating some food that had been sitting out for awhile, though I have no proof that was the cause of my illness). I don’t know what exactly draws me to Edgehill Village. It might be the fact that this past summer I lived right down the street and could walk there more easily than Bongo, but I think it’s a really cool place, and I think that their block party events are a lot of fun.

This month’s theme is probably one that Michelle will fancy. It’s going to support Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue as well as Happy Tales Humane. There will, of course, be art, drinks, snacks (that I’m sure won’t make you sick), and music from The Party, an apparently awesome cover band in the Nashville area. Are you curious as to what songs they play? Well, you can see the whole list here. The party goes from 5-8pm and seriously, bring your pets so that all the poor college students in the area who miss their dogs and cats can pet yours.

Also, if you’re feeling charitable there will be a shelter supply drive all month long. Check it out, dudes! And think of all those poor animals who would be in a terrible state without Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue and Happy Tales Humane.



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