Artist of the Week: A.A. Bondy

AAThis weeks’ Artist of the Week is A.A. Bondy, who currently resides on the label Fat Possum. On Tuesday night he’ll be opening for the excellent Elvis Perkins but first he’ll be stopping by Grimey’s at 6pm to serenade you lovely people. Let’s see what Doyle at Grimey’s has to say about Mr. Bondy.

“Scott Bondy’s Birmingham, Alabama-based band Verbena came on like a southern Nirvana and was much-loved in these parts. Since the band’s demise, Scott has recast himself as AA Bondy, stripped-down indie folker, and his music is perhaps even more compelling. His latest is called When The Devil’s Loose and the AV Club says it ‘showcases a resolve and relief Bondy’s never evinced before, as if he’s raked his hand through the sands of these spooky songs and transformed the grains that stuck into flawed, captivating pearls.’ Ooh!”

I have to say, I’ve been listening to A.A. Bondy’s MySpace, and I really enjoy his stuff. Very good indie folk. I think you guys would like it. It won’t be a par-tay like Edward Sharpe, but I’m sure that it’ll be great and that there will be free beer. So come and get your chill on with A.A. after a long day at work. It’s gonna be awesome.



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