Artist of the Week: Jill Andrews

Jill_andrews_001The first in-store I ever saw at Grimey’s was in the Fall of 2007. The band was the Everybodyfields. I arrived during their last song, which was, I believe, a Smashing Pumpkins cover. I was completely blown away by the band. I never got another chance to see them before they broke up (my only real opportunity was the same night as a Silver Jews show, and I though, “hey, the Silver Jews never tour, the Everybodyfields will be around for a long time”). That was not the case, and I was heartbroken to learn about their fairly recent break-up.

However, bands breaking up is no reason to abandon all hope! Jill Andrews is playing shows, recording music (she currently has an EP available), and she sounds great even without Mr. Quinn at her side. Her songs are beautiful, her voice is fantastic, and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be up to seeing a her perform a free short set this Wednesday at ASCAP Rocks The Basement (8pm).

Anyway, I haven’t yet convinced you to go see her free set then I recommend you check out her website and listen to some of her tunes. I think you’ll like it.

The show is 21 and up, and also features former The Kopecky Family Band, who we’ve written about before, Keegan Dewitt (who has been featured on Paste Magazine’s website), Michael Ford Jr and The Apache Relay, and Alyssa Bonagura. So that’s two artists who have been featured in Paste or on the Paste website, one band that we’ve already told you is good, and two other artists who sound pretty legit if you take the time to check them out on MySpace. So, yeah, I think it’s gonna be a pretty solid show. Freal.



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