Cheap Halloween Costumes

Gnomes really CAN save you money!

Gnomes really CAN save you money!

I know that Halloween was several days ago, but I thought I’d try to get some conversation going on the blog.

I was, like I’m sure many of you were, sort of strapped for cash this Halloween. I decided to put off shopping for costumes until the day of, but the Halloween section at the Target closest to me looked as if it had been pillaged by Vikings (sadly, said Vikings did not leave behind anything that I could use as a Halloween costume).

Luckily I have friends who are extremely creative. They got the idea to dress up as lawn gnomes, and that costume ended up being cheapest of the cheap. We bought men’s long-sleeved tee-shirts and bought $1 Santa hats at Target, totaling $8!  We turned the hats inside out, fastened them to our heads with string like party hats, put brown or black belts around our waists, and wore leggings under those shirts (which ended up going about mid-thigh down, so it wasn’t like wearing leggings as pants as indie kids tend to do). We even ended up running into another guy dressed as a lawn gnome!

So tell me, how did you creative tight-wads save money this Halloween?

@DJ_Spinja: @NashForFree $12 vest plus roomie’s white hair spray= me as Sweeney Todd



Anyone else?


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  • Several years ago, I made a robot costume with:
    – A large box for the body and a small box for the head
    – Aluminum foil
    – Rubber cement (to glue the foil to the robot body)
    – Two blank CDs for eyes
    – Strips of paper I colored black for angry eyebrows.

    It looked pretty much like this, except shinier and probably crappier:

  • Ty

    I was able to pull off two super-cheap costumes this year, although I guess they centered around me being a guy with wavy hair.

    1. Bob Ross – I didn’t shave for a couple weeks, then got my hair as fro-esque as possible. A button-down shirt tucked into some tight jeans and unbuttoned halfway down was complete with a cardboard palette reading “Happy Trees.”

    2. Nick Jonas – The next day I shaved and swooped my hair over Jonas brother style. A trip to the Goodwill Outlet to pick up a scarf and white plastic belt for $1.30. Add some girl jeans and poof – instant Nick Jonas.

  • I believe i’m one of the gnomes in that photo. i’ve never felt more famous.
    thank you for that emily. haha

    And that was by far the cheapest – and most awesome – costume i’ve ever worn.

  • KG

     My Contributor Salesperson costume only works in Nashville and only cost me $3 for the papers, a $1 of which I got back when I sold one