Whole Foods Market, You Love Halloween, and I Love You

storefront-nashvilleDear Whole Foods Market of Nashville,

I just wanted to tell you that even though I can’t afford to buy all of my food at your wonderful establishment I love you. I love you dearly. I love you the most when you have dime cookies on the first Tuesday of every month, and when you do things like you are going to do tomorrow.

You are making Halloween wonderful with free reusable shopping bags from the Bag Lady, awesome free tunes all afternoon, and a costume party with prizes. Now, I don’t know if you’re the only store in your shopping center involved in this, but you are where the music will be, so you are obviously the most important.

At noon the masses will flock to your store in their cleverist costumes. We might see balloon boy, Michael Jackson, and even The Ticket Master in your midst. Those who prefer goulish costumes and those who want the world to know what big pop culture nerds they are will compete in the most GRAND of Halloween costume contests (though perhaps not as grand as the Peanuts look-a-like contest from a few weekends ago). The most fantastic costumes will win REAL prizes, such as a $50 Billy Reid gift certificate, a $25 Two Elle gift certificate, 2 gift bags from the Cosmetic Market, a frame from West Elm, toys from PoPo, a $25 gift certificate to JMcLaughlin, cookware from Le Creuset, and gift cards from Whole Foods Market.


But that is not all. No no no, not by a long shot. The Green Bag Lady will be there at 9am to give away some free one-of-a-kind reusable shopping bags. FRIGHTFULLY FUN!

Then the MUSIC! Derek Hoke will be there at 2pm, Tristen will be there at 3pm, and our former Artist of the Week Paul Burch will be there at 4pm. Whole Foods Market of Nashville, I am so joyous that you have given Paul Burch a stage. He is so fantastic, and it makes my heart a-flutter to know that you appreciate him as I do.

In addition to the costumes, prizes, bags, and music, Whole Foods Market of Nashville, I see that it is also local vendor demo day! You have provided me with the MAJESTIC opportunity to meet and sample food from Partners Tea Company, Essence Tree, Willow Farms, Toney’s Salsa, Thistle Farms, Paige’s Premium Toffee, Monkey Bars, GrowAgra Wheatgrass, Lucy’s Cheesecakes and Muhammara, Stoke’s Purple Sweet Potatoes & Purple Sweet Potato Butter, Twin Forks Farms Breads, and Hillsboro Chocolate. How I love you, Whole Foods Market of Nashville, how I love you so…

Yours sincerely,

Okay, if you guys didn’t get that, here’s the schedule of events

9:00am – Green Bag Lady is giving out some free one-of-a-kind reusable shopping bags. I know you’re gonna want to use them as a purse, but really, if you use them for shopping you won’t have a billion plastic shopping bags under your bathroom sink.

10:00am-4:00pm – Local Vendor Day. Sample free food from local vendors and meet them. How is that not awesome?

12:00pm – Costume contest. I predict that there will be a lot of pop culture nerds. Am I right, people? For a list of prizes (there are a lot), read above

2:00pm – Live performance by Derek Hoke

3:00pm – Live performance by Tristen

4:00pm – Live performance by our former Artist of the Week, Paul Burch. If you missed him last time then that’s okay, because now you get to see him for free in an environment where you don’t feel like you should buy a meal.

This has been my love letter to Whole Foods Market of Nashville. I hope that the love is mutual.


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