Elliott Smith Tribute Show – Sunday October 18th

ESTributeBannerI was totally pumped when I heard about this. Elliott Smith was a great songwriter who has inspired many people, and tomorrow, Sunday the 18th, the Mercy Lounge is putting on a tribute show for him. The sixth anniversary of his death is the 21st, in case you were curious.

This show will be set up sort of like 8 off 8th, but all of the acts will get to play 5 songs, 2 originals and 3 Elliott Smith covers. You’ll get to hear Josh Foster, Caitlin Rose, Don Gallardo & How Far West, Angel Snow with Korby Lenker, Clap for Daylight, Brian Ritchey, Matthew Solberg, Kory Murphy (w/ Kristen Michelle). I hope Caitlin Rose covers “Twilight,” which is my favorite Elliott Smith song.

Now, the show is 21 and up, and it is free, but just in case you’re feeling charitable Elliott Smith Memorial Fund will be accepted (100% of the money will be donated via the memorial fund to Outside In, a not-for-profit organization that helps homeless youths in Portland, Oregon, where Elliott lived for a significant portion of his life). If you want to bring a check, please make it out to “Outside In” and put “Elliott Smith Memorial Fund” on the memo line on the check.

As you can see from the picture, the show starts at 8pm. Even if you’ve never heard of Elliott Smith or maybe didn’t like his stuff that much, you should check out this show. Maybe you’ll be converted.

So, what’s your favorite Elliott Smith song? Let us know in the comment section.


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  • It’s hard to choose a favorite. I really like Color Bars from Figure 8. Rose Parade from Either/Or. Also Side B on the New Moon LP is perfection.

  • cheapassmichelle

    This should be fun. Either/Or has a very dear place in my heart (Thanks, middle school…) so I’m going to have to go with “Angeles”, “Ballad of Big Nothing”, or the obvious choice, “Say Yes”. I dunno, dude!!!!