Edgehill Village Halloween Block Party

EVHalloweenBPIt’s that wonderful time of the month again! Yes, it’s 3rd Thursday in Edgehill Village, and even though I once got a little ill after eating food that had been sitting out all night in an art gallery I still love Edgehill Village and their sweet events.

This week the wonderful people in Edgehill Village bring us their Halloween Block Party with a cause. There are two causes: a blood drive and donations for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The blood drive goes from 2-7:30pm, and I don’t think you get anything other than juice and cookies and that lightheaded/warm fuzzy feeling. As for the NBCF, if you donate $10 the lovely people at EyeCandy Salon will give you pink extensions. Niiiice.

Anyway, it’s not all about charity, it’s also about getting down with the get down! Bring your costume, get some free wine/beer/cheese/fajitas/whatever they’re giving out for free that night, and enter to win some EV specialized prizes! Music this evening will be brought to you by The Young Republic.

Also, the poster is pretty awesome and extremely informative. And Edgehill Village is one of my favorite places. Do the Oblio boys still work at that coffee shop?



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  • cheapassmichelle

    I actually went to this, and didn’t even realize that’s what I was attending. Weird…

  • Emily

    Was it awesome?

  • cheapassmichelle

    …I didn’t even know I was at a Halloween Party!

  • cheapassmichelle

    Oh…nevermind. I got there at 7:45.

  • Emily

    Ah, you must’ve just hit the tail end!