Metropolis Symphony CD Release Party

Invite.inddAlright, I know that you all are focused on the sweet image to the left of this text, but I want to draw your attention away from it for one second to discuss the super cool event at hand.

I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the Metropolis Symphony off the top of your head, so I’ll just tell you what it is. The Metropolis Symphony is a five-movement piece written by Michael Daugherty. Well, a new recording has been made by our own Nashville Symphony, and NAXOS has decided to throw a party to celebrate it!

The party will be (as the flyer suggests) at the Flying Saucer this Wednesday, and it should be a blast. You’ll even get the chance to meet and talk to Daugherty and Nashville Symphony musical director Giancarlo Gerrero.

Anyway, this event is a must for Superman and comic book fans, so don’t miss it. Also, if you can’t stand to be in bars like the Flying Saucer because you have a gluten intolerance and it makes you sad to be around beer that you can’t drink, I’ve heard that the Flying Saucer has gluten-free beer (but that they cost something like $12 a bottle).

Enjoy the event and all of its super-human glory!



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