Art After Hours – Thursday Oct 1st

I’m sure you’ve noticed that in the past every once in awhile I’ll tweet about an event called Art After Hours, where many of the art galleries in Nashville keep their doors open later than usual. This occurs on the first Thursday of every month, and it’s always a blast. It’s a great event full of wonderful art, free wine, and good company, and this month our friend Tinnin though that Nashville for Free should write a little feature on it, so here we go.

Art After Hours is brought to you by The Nashville Association of Art Dealers (or NAAD, as we so lovingly call them), and boy oh wow do they have some great things planned for you this Thursday. Here’s a list of some of the highlights straight from the press release…

  • LeQuire Gallery, near Sylvan Park, celebrates its annual New Figurative Artists show and the Grey Gardens series of paintings by Marti Jones-Dixon.  LeQuire will host a fun Grey Gardens Trick or Treat, featuring seven different Big and Little Edie’s handing out treats throughout the gallery spaces. Guests are encouraged to dress in their favorite Edie costume, from a headscarf and white shoes to your best 40’s bathing suit!
  • Local Color on Broadway presents “Nashville, Artistically Speaking,” featuring the painterly perspectives of Nashville through the eyes of the gallery’s celebrated local artists.
  • Midtown Gallery on Broadway continues Susan Graves’ “Naked Chefs,” a series of pottery sculptures of male and female chefs with bare backsides peeping out from their aprons!
  • Zeitgeist in Hillsboro Village continues its discussion series Oblique Strategies with nuclear physicist Victoria Greene, Ph.D.
  • The Arts Company, downtown, previews “Nashville’s Architectural Treasures,” large-scale photographs by Bob Schatz, selected from a new book soon-to-be-released.  Schatz will be available to discuss the locations and the photographs with guests throughout the event.
  • Cumberland Gallery, in Green Hills, presents paintings by Michael Greenspan and James Lavadour.  Special speaker will be Jochen Wierich, PhD, Curator of Art, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. He will be discussing Northwest art, American Indian Art and landscape painting, as well as the work of James Lavadour at 7pm.
  • Finer Things Gallery, near the Fairgrounds, continues its exhibit of Bell Buckle artist Sherri Warner Hunter.  The artist will be discussing her recently completed large-scale work for the Governor’s Mansion.
  • Gallery One in Belle Meade presents “Intersections:  Between Dreams and Memories,” a collaborative exhibition featuring the mixed media works of Laura Schiff and imaginative photo-encaustic images by Maggie Hasbrouck

As you can see, this event isn’t just about looking at art, it’s about learning about it too. I’d recommend checking out at least one of the speakers while you’re out.

Other participating galleries include Bennett Galleries, Estel Gallery, HA Gallery at Hanging Around, Hiram Van Gordon Memorial Gallery at Tennessee State University, The Parthenon, Richland Fine Art, Rymer Gallery, and Tinney Contemporary, among others.

You won’t be able to get into the Frist or the Parthenon for free if you aren’t a member, but the Frist Center will be participating by setting up some free music in the lobby.

This event is set for Thursday, Oct. 1st from 5-8pm. Don’t miss it. For even more info check out their site at Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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