Weekly Highlights 8/3/09

What does the week have in store for us? Well, let’s find out…


Steve Cross hosts 8 off 8th (Round 3) at the Mercy Lounge – 9pm
This week’s artists are Tristen, Dixie Whiskey, Pineapple Explode, Comfies/Benjamin A. Harper, Cody Blaine, Overzealous, Jug Huggers, Joel J. Dahl (from de novo dahl). That is one killer lineup, no joke.


William Fitzsimmons in-store at Grimey’s – 6pm
From the Grimey’s website:
“He is often compared to contemporaries Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, and the late Elliott Smith and he’s gotten the usual ink in supposed influential circles but he’s unique.  Come see for yourself at this intimate instore performance.”

The Basement’s New Faces Nite – 8pm
This week the Basement’s New Faces Nite features Jeremy Crady, Carrie Johnson (22 Brides), Adam Sullivan, Tara Holloway, Frontier Brothers, Kyle Albers, Junstin Shorey and Smart Brothers! I’d recommend going just to hear the Smart Brothers. They’re really great.


Arby’s Deal of the Day
Free regular roast beef sandwich with soft drink purchase.


Screenwriting Workshop with Rich Reichman at Davis-Kidd Books – 7pm
Rich Reichman wrote the book 20 Things You Must Know to Write a Great Screenplay. This is a must for anyone interested in writing a screenplay.

Tunesmithing on Music Row at Edgehill Studio Cafe – 7-9pm
From Now Playing Nashville:
“The songwriting celebration will feature performances by Joel Atkins, Wil Comstock, Dar Frantz, Nancy Moran & Fett, Candy Paull, Kimberly Maiers Shaw, Dianne Ticknor, Steve Trinward, Betsy Warren, Brian Wright, and Chuck Whiting. Whiting and Shaw will emcee the show.”


Brenda Lee: In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra on Loop at the Country Music Hall of Fame – 10am-4pm
Come and watch this 1978 performance that includes performances of her hit songs “Fool #1,” “I’m Sorry,” “Jambalaya,” and “Johnny One Time.”

Films at the Frist: Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Paris – 7pm
This is a documentary about the composer Philip Glass, famous for his film scores. In fact, he’s so famous that he was featured as a character on The Simpsons. I don’t think you get much more famous than that. There will also be a live performance from parts of his opera The Fall of the House of Usher.

Tax free weekend
The idea is to get school supplies, but I think that all small/medium items are tax-free. Correct me if I’m wrong there.


Tomato Art Fest at Five Points – begins at 7am, full schedule here
You should wear a costume, totally. There’s even a redhead competition (Michelle, I’m looking at you!) It looks like a pretty sweet festival, I’ll probably hit it up. http://tomatoartfest.com/events/

The Second Saturday Summer Drive-In: W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS in the Belcourt Theater Parking Lot – 7:45
I went to the last drive-in and had a BLAST. If you like Burt Reynolds, he’s in this, along with Don Williams, Mel Tillis, Roni Stoneman, Brad Dourif  and Tootsie (yes, THAT Tootsie). This is free, but donations are appreciated.


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  • cheapassmichelle

    Tomato Art Fest rules. I encourage everyone to come see how we roll on the East Side. Bring your best tomato haikus and awesome Tomato Elf costume. Don’t bring your lawnmower.

  • Random Hero

    I am so sick of Tristen and 8off8th. the entire event for that matter. It’s the same bands over and over again. The hosts are close minded about the bands they invite so we end up hearing the same songs week after week. who ever is running 8off8th is quickly running it into the ground. I don’t know how often you come out but the crowd is getting smaller and smaller each week and every time the same band as last week takes the stage more people groan and head for the door.

    also, this technically isn’t a free event anymore. since the drop in crowd the Mercy Lounge has cleverly begun charging $3.00 for parking (which used to be free).

  • cheapassmichelle

    *High fives you* I totally agree. I was pretty blown away with the 3 dollar parking myself. I come out once in a while, but I’ll be there tonight to write about it….

  • crimesofparis

    You know, the Mercy has always charged $3 for that overflow lot, and the last actual show I went to (M. Ward), they charged for parking then too. I think it’s just something new they’re doing, and honestly, $3 to park isn’t that bad. I mean, I’m sorry that it isn’t totally free anymore, but I don’t think that $3 parking is anything to scoff at. I’ve had to pay $10 if I go to a show at the Ryman and the public library parking lot is full.

    Also, free events are hit or miss. Sometimes they’re great and other times, well, you get what you pay for. You can’t exactly ask for your money back, you know? I just try not to complain about something unless I pay a good amount of money or feel like my time is completely wasted.

  • cheapassmichelle

    Hey Em, it’s no big deal. It’s just the general opinion of people who hang out at the Mercy Lounge and go to 8 off 8th. It is a lot of the same bands. And the same people. I’ve been in the midst of the conversation with multiple people this week, but it’s not like it’s a miserable experience at all. People just like to bitch. I like to bitch. I also love the Mercy Lounge and their 3 dollar parking. And, I also love your free events, but if something sucks, people will talk. And it’s not your fault. And I love you…

  • crimesofparis

    Yeah, I know, I guess I read that person’s comment as “how dare you post something so lame” and I don’t appreciate people complaining that I posted an event. After reading it again I can tell that it’s just general bitching, which is totally cool.

  • I have to agree with my old roommate – “partly”. The band rotation is getting to be pretty suck I’ve only lived here a few months but the band list seems to be on a loop (in theory). The last 3 weeks weren’t too bad because Cream had that awesome decades series going (90’s was the best by the way). So I guess if you look at it on paper it looks repetitive. But once you come out – it makes sense.

    But the $3.00 thing isn’t a big deal. An entire car load for $3.00 is well worth the price. And even a solo can’t really complain I mean…it’s $3.00 Random, true your driving all the way from Clarksville most of the time – but most of us live here. So I guess it isn’t as big a deal.

    And don’t take it personally Em, Random wasn’t attacking you or your post. I’ve been trying to get him hang out but every time he comes down it’s been the same band over and over. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

  • cheapassmichelle

    It’s all good guys, we’re just glad you stumbled upon our little site. Any feedback is wonderous feedback. We’re just girls. We take everything personally =)

    Michelle (and Emily)

  • crimesofparis

    Yeah Tim, I’ve noticed that it’s been some of the same bands, but it probably isn’t that easy for the Mercy Lounge to find different bands every week who are willing to play for (I assume) free. It’s like how at open mic nights you tend to get the same people night after night, which is just uber lame if you ask me.

    Michelle told me that Tristen sucks, and I believe her, but I have to say, this week’s lineup really does seem to have a pretty good lineup. I’m a fan of the Comfies and De Novo Dahl.

    Also, I get now that Random didn’t mean anything towards me, I just tend to go into defense mode because there have been a few times on Twitter when people HAVE attacked my tweets for no reason.

  • crimesofparis

    Wow Michelle, we tweeted pretty much the same thing at pretty much the same time. Super powers? Cosmic connection? General awesomeness?

  • cheapassmichelle

    I like the Comfies. Tristen doesn’t totally suck, per say, I’d just rather rock a little more. Y’know me. I’m all about the witty lyrics and the rocking.

  • Emily

    Man, I went to the Comfies in-store at Grimey’s a couple of weeks ago. I really dug it! I was going to blog about it, but I forgot.

  • The Mercy doesn’t book the bands. The host of that weeks 8off8th does. And the hosts have all been friends of the same bands.

    I’ve been trying to host that bill since I moved here – I want to put together a seasonal unsigned night. Let HS and College garage bands have a crack at a stage even if it is only just 3 songs. But at least then they’ll be new bands. Sure I expect some suckage but how else are we ever gonna find a few gems if we don’t shake the rocks?

  • also I’m curious how many people are gonna be there tonight. The Crystal Method is tonight at the Limelight.

  • Actually, Mercy Lounge’s parking was free up until a year or so ago. But because the parking lot kept getting trashed, the owners of the lot decided to start charging.

    Free parking at Mercy isn’t hard to find though, if you’re crafty and don’t mind walking, there’s ample parking on side streets. Really, the same goes for downtown as well.

  • Emily

    The problem with HS and College bands is, I’m sure, the fact that 8 off 8th is 21+ so those bands (mostly) won’t be able to bring a following.

    I have to say, it would be cool to see some new faces, but that might kind of cut into The Basement’s New Faces Nite which, by the way, also has some good performers this week.

    By the way, I dig your site.

  • hell yeah. thank god for the free parking code at the Belcourt Theatre.

  • Emily

    Free parking code at the Belcourt? I always walk there, so I had no idea that there was such a thing. Tim, please share.

  • the belcourt parking lot is a pay lot – unless you see a movie. then they give you a free parking code….which they change every few months. currently the code is “1984” and will give you a free spot until 6am.

  • so far your both pretty awesome.

  • thank you. it’s just a place for me to vent and “blah blah blah” to the world since I don’t really have anyone here to talk to.

  • Emily

    If I ever drive to the Belcourt I’ll be sure to ask for the parking code. Thanks a bunch.

  • Emily

    Wow, the “Possibly Related Posts” for this post is WAY off. Holy crap.

  • hahahahaha